Panchkula Set To Issue Smart Cards For RCs & Driving Licences

Panchkula is all set to become Haryana’s first city to issue smart cards for registration certificates (RCs) and driving licences (DLs). The work for the same has been started and the state transport department has given contract to Rosemerta Technologies. The company has set up its temporary office in the deputy commissioner’s office located in Sector 1 at Panchkula. And it is expected to commence within a week. Gradually, the smart cards will be introduced to the other cities of the state as well. In the year 2009, Chandigarh started the distribution of smart cards.

New Smart Cards and the benefits

The introduction of smart cards is said to be very much beneficial for many purposes. It is expected that once the smart cards will be issued to an individual, it will become very difficult for the person to violate the traffic rules. And it will become easier for the police to reach out the violator as soon as possible.

  • Smart card will have a chip, where all the information like finger prints, digital signature, and aadhar number of an individual will be stored.
  • Registration of RCs and DLs will become faster.
  • There will be a decrease in the numbers of traffic violation in the city.
  • Details of an individual can be accessed on a centralized state database.
  • Duplication or tampering of the cards will not be easy.
  • The rate of corruption will also go down with this.

Although its a good decision by the government, as because it will surely help the people as well as the police to maintain the records of all the people and vehicles on road.

Process of Converting Old RCs and DLs

One can also convert their old RCs and DLs to smart cards in Panchkula. Although it’s not a forceful action by the government, people who are willing to convert their RCs and DLs into smart cards can easily get a duplicate card issued. But for the same, they have pay a fee of Rs. 200.

Soon, it will be started in the other cities of Haryana as well. But Panchkula has been chosen for the pilot project in Haryana.


Gurjit Kaur

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