Panchkula MC to buy Road Sweeping Machines (as in Chandigarh)

The road sweeping machines in Chandigarh which play a vital role in keeping the city roads clean will now also be visible in Panchkula as the MC has decided to buy these road sweeping vehicles in order to keep Panchkula roads clean.

A special budget of Rs. 6 crore has been approved by the Haryana government for the sanitation purpose in Panchkula. Along with a road sweeping machine, Panchkula MC will also buy 15 garbage trucks, bins, 100 cycle rickshaw carts to pick garbage and other equipment.

Sanitation is a major issue for the city of Panchkula. Despite there being a dumping ground in sector 22, Panchkula MC has not been able to streamline the process. The main reason was the lack of wquipment but with these new purchases, the problem will definitely be resolved to a large extent.

How the road sweeping machine works?

The road sweeping machine has a vacuum along with broom like bristles to clean the road. All dust on the sides of the road is first removed by the bristles of the round automated broom and is thereby pulled inside the machine by powerful vacuum making the city roads clean, tidy and dust free.

Chandigarh got its road sweeping machine back in year 2012 and since then these vehicles are a common sight on Chandigarh roads. Chandigarh MC has a total of 3 road cleaning machines which have been divided area wise to clean the city roads.


Ajay Deep

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