No more ‘Gehris’ at PU, Chandigarh | It Might Become a Vehicle-Free Zone Soon

Panjab University, Chandigarh has a good news of becoming a “Vehicle-Free Zone.” That means if you love the ‘Gehri Culture’ which the Panjab University is quite renowned for, you need to have second thoughts again. The authorities including students at the University campus had voted against permitting the entry of ‘four-wheeler’ in the campus feedback of which had been taken since 2015 i.e. for past two years. The toil and the feedback provided by those who voted against the motion finally bears fruitful results in terms of Panjab University which have generated a ‘Blueprint’ of the entire system to make the Panjab University, Chandigarh, a vehicle-free zone.

PU to Become a Vehicle-Free Zone soon 

The blueprint of the decision is ready. As per the meeting conducted at the PU Campus headed by the chief of university security Prof on May 28, 2017, the motion to make the Sector 14 and Sector 25 Campus of the Panjab University, a vehicle free zone by decongesting the entire venue. No outside vehicles to be allowed and a lot of internal rules and regulations are to be employed in the area which is to be finalised. The challans to be generated in case defaulters are found flouting norms are to be finalised still and hence, furthermore, the penalised actions to be taken and the degree up to which they can be intensified in the case of repeated acts remain pending at the end of decision-making authorities.

Highlights of the Vehicle-Free Decision at PU, Chandigarh

Here are the salient features that would be adopted by the Panjab University Campus in Chandigarh to make the entire area as a “Vehicle -free Zone.” Take a look.

  • Five places at the PU Campus to have boom barriers
  • Four Check posts installed at various points in the University
  • Vehicles to have “Varsity’s stickers” duly assigned by the authorities
  • Vehicles flouting norms to be towed away from the PU campus
  • As of now, INR 100 to be the fine issued for defaulters of the norm
  • The staff and traffic police to have a colour coded uniform as a distinguished factor
  • Record of daily vehicles in hostels to be maintained in a computerised format
  • Only two-wheelers and cycles to be allowed for now in the PU, Campus
  • Parking area to be made on one side with white line unlike both sides as of now
  • Duly verified temporary pass for entry vehicles of visitors to be issued
  • Paid e-rickshaws and buses free of cost to ply between various departments of the PU, Chandigarh
  • Cycle Dock Stations at various points in the planning stage to be made for easy commutation

Vehicle-Free Decision at PU, End of the ‘Gehri Culture’

Bringing an end to the Gehri Culture in the University as it promoted miscreant acts and also to the “green tag” of the University Campus, the end of the saga is here. Chandigarh, known as the city beautiful shall lose its tag if the decision is not taken and implemented properly. The Vehicle Free Zone decision to be plied on the Panjab University Campus though got subjugated by many even got supported by the rest half.

The result and conclusions of the Syndicate Meeting held on May 28, 2017 regarding the matter are eagerly awaited by all. What do you think, as to how would a Vehicle-Free Panjab University in Chandigarh look like?

Source : HT

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