Chandigarh MC Increases Parking Charges in City (Know the New Rates)

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has increased the parking rates in the city. It is after 15 years, that the parking rates in Chandigarh have been revised. We all are habitual of paying Rs. 2 (for a 2-wheeler) and Rs. 5 (for a 4-wheeler) in all major market areas across Chandigarh. But these rates will soon no longer be effective.

In a General House meeting of MC in Chandigarh, the authorities have passed a proposal to hike the paid parking charges in the city. And almost the hike is off nearly 50% as compared to the current charges.

The New Parking Rates in Chandigarh

After the introduction of paid parking in Chandigarh, MC had decided to charge Rs. 2 for 2-wheeler and Rs. 5 for 4-wheeler vehicles. And as per the new rates, the owner of the vehicle have to pay almost double the amount, he/she pays as of now in Chandigarh.

  • Rs. 10 has to be paid for parking of 4-wheeler for 4 hours in Chandigarh and every 2 hours the charges will increase by Rs. 10.
  • To park a car for 12 hours, one has to pay Rs. 50.
  • And 2-wheeler owners have to pay Rs. 5 for 4 hours and Rs. 5 will be increased after every 2 hours.
  • The parking of Mini bus will be charged Rs. 20 for 4 hours instead of Rs. 10 in Chandigarh.
  • Rs. 150 will be charged for a monthly parking pass for 2-wheelers in single parking.
  • And the monthly parking pass for 4- wheelers in single parking will be of Rs. 300.

The proposal has been floated for the year 2017- 2018 by MC in Chandigarh, which will be applicable from 3 months after the successful trial of smart parking system in the city.

Smart Parking System in Chandigarh

MC has all the plan to make Chandigarh a smart city in India. In this league, MC will be floating a tender to convert all the 25 paid parking into a smart parking in Chandigarh. And the process will almost take 1 month for the same.

  • Management of all the parking lots will be connected to the Central server in Chandigarh.
  • CCTV cameras will be installed to have a look at the activities in the parking area.
  • A mobile application will be available for the resident of Chandigarh to check the parking availability in parking areas.
  • People will also get a facility of smart rechargeable cards to enter the parking lots, that can be made in e-sampark centres.

Presently, all the parking areas of Chandigarh have been running without contractors. That is why the civic body has to suffer a loss of Rs. 7 crore in the last 2 years from the parking lots in Chandigarh.

When will new parking rates be applicable in Chandigarh?

The new rates will be applicable after 3 months of the trial of the smart parking system in Chandigarh. Paid parking was introduced by MC in the year 2002 in Chandigarh and it is for the very first time that the parking rates have been revised in the city.

Image Credits: The Tribune

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