Parking Charges Doubled in Chandigarh | Here’re the New Parking fee in the City

After getting a parking app, Parking charges gets doubled in Chandigarh & woes residents at the paid parking lots. Chandigarh Municipal Corporation increased the rates on an hourly basis in the paid parking lots of the city. Although it has been expected that from April 2018, the parking rates will increase more as of now. As the recently increased parking fee in the paid parking lots of Chandigarh is stated to be until 31st March 2018.

And the new rates of the parking lots in Chandigarh area have been imposed from 8th December 2017. The charges have been doubled after the contractors of the paid parking lots in the city have announced to convert it into smart parking lots.

And here’re the details of new Parking rates in the Chandigarh

And as per the new Parking rates in the city, now one has to pay double charges to park their vehicle in the paid parking areas. Earlier it was Rs. 2 & Rs. 5 for the 2-wheeler & 4-wheeler respectively in Chandigarh for 4 hours. But from now onwards, residents have to pay Rs. 5 & Rs. 10 for 2-wheeler & 4-wheeler for the same time slot. And for every 2 hours, one has to pay Rs. 5 & Rs. 10 extra for 2 & 4-wheeler respectively.

Also, the monthly pass for the parking lots has been doubled. But on the other hand, the parking charges at the multi-level parking area of Chandigarh will remain the same & cheaper than the paid parking lots of the city. So from now onwards, park your vehicle in the multi-level parking areas & pay less.

Much more facilities of the Parking areas in Chandigarh

Although with the increased Parking rates, contractors of the paid parking areas in Chandigarh have been providing with various add-on facilities- Digital signboards displaying vacant slots & occupancy at the parking lot, CCTV cameras, abolishing of handwritten slips, barricades at the parking zone, Mobile applications with all updates of real-time & many more.

Also, the parking charges at the paid parking areas in Chandigarh will woe the residents after April 2018 as it will be doubled as compared to the current charges. As expected, from the coming financial MC will collect Rs. 10 & Rs. 20 for the 2-wheeler & 4-wheeler as parking fee in Chandigarh.

Source: HT


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