All Parking Lots in Chandigarh Set to Become Smart Parking Lots | Here’s What Will Change

Parking is becoming a real challenge in big cities and Chandigarh is no different. Finding a parking space in a parking lot, overcharging by parking attendants, haphazard parking are few problems that are being faced by many people in Chandigarh. Without a well-planned parking system, the problems may get worse.

Chandigarh Administration has come up with a solution. All parking lots in Chandigarh that come under the MC are been converted to Smart parking lots. It would allow contractors to manage the parking system effectively so that residents do not face any trouble while finding a parking space in the city.

Chandigarh has the highest vehicle density in India. Since the population and number of vehicles are increasing tremendously, the parking problem is taking a serious shape. Vehicle owners are often overcharged to get their vehicles parked. Instead of Rs. 5 (the rate which is permitted by the MC), parking contractors charge Rs. 10 or even more. Commuters have no option other than paying the amount. After receiving huge numbers of complaints  from the  residents of Chandigarh, MC at a meeting has decided to turn all 25 paid parking spaces in the Chandigarh into smart lots. Further, it has also been decided that a single company would handle and run all the parking lots rather than different contractors.

How are Smart Parking Lots different?

You must have visited Elante Mall. The parking system over there is the smart parking system as it is well managed and you have to take your own slip. Going on the same terms, all 25 parking lots in various sectors of Chandigarh will be converted into smart parking lots. Here are few highlights of such lots.

  • A single company will manage and run all parking lots in Chandigarh.
  • Tenders have already been floated and the Administration have got some bids as well.
  • In this system, there will be central server, which will contain e-ticketing machines. No hand written slips would be there.
  • CCTV’s will be installed from where the staff and MC officials will overlook all activities.
  • Parking staff will be dressed in proper uniform.
  • Every parking lot would have parking attendants at appropriate distance to assist you park your vehicle.
  • Automatic barriers would also be installed similar to Elante parking. Another example of such barriers has come up at Multi level parking in Sector 17.
  • There will no hike in the parking charges under this system.

The MC has already given a termination notice to contractor of Sector 34 for overcharging. 9 other contractors have surrendered their parking lots. It is expected that by the end of this month, nine parking lots will be made free for the use of public.

The idea of smart parking lots is quite appealing and it will definitely bring great results.  The good thing about it is, there will be no hike in the parking fees.

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