And Here’s a Solution to Parking Problems in Chandigarh During the Festive Season

We all know that it’s festive season and markets in Chandigarh are all decked up. The city which is always high on spirits of celebration is all excited. The markets are waiting for the vibrancy, malls waiting for the crowd and ‘mithai walas’ geared up with mouth watering sweets but one problem Chandigarh is facing from quite a time is the problem of traffic congestion (especially related to parking space during the festive season)

Remember the struggle you have to do to just reach a place maybe just 10 minutes drive but takes an hour due to a nearby market rush?

To tackle the problem of parking space, Education Department has allowed schools to be thrown open after the schooling hours to be available to be used as a parking lots from October 24. The parking space in schools can be utilised free of cost till 31st October. It will be more convenient for Chandigarh police to curb the nuisance of traffic and constant honking created thereby. Festivals can now be spent more peacefully being in the city due to this initiative.

Few Schools that are providing free parking space in Chandigarh are:

  • Government Schools in Sector 41
  • Government Schools in Sector 45
  • Government Schools in Sector 37
  • Government Schools in Sector 35
  • Government Schools in Sector 32
  • Government Schools in Sector 18
  • Government Schools in Sector 15
  • Government Schools in Sector 19
  • Government Schools in Sector 20
  • Government Schools in Sector 22
  • Government Schools in Manimajra
  • Government College of Education, Sector 20
  • Government college in Sector 46
  • SD Public School, Sector 19
  • Moti Ram Arya Senior Secondary School, Sector 27
  • Divya Public School, Sector 44 and
  • Kendriya Vidyalayas in Sector 31 and 47

The above list of institutions will be available for parking after school hours from October 24 to 31.

According to sources, Chandigarh traffic police has also requested Municipal Corporation (MC), Chandigarh so as not to allow them to operate in or near the parking areas. Most of the schools are nearby market areas and due to the rush, it is not possible to park your car within the market parking. So, next time you visit any market in Chandigarh do remember that you can park inside the government school absolutely free of cost.

Image Credits: Hindustan times


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