You Can Now Take Your Pet Dogs To Parks & Gardens Across Chandigarh

You might have come across boards outside parks in Chandigarh that ready pet dogs not allowed. Now, this would be a thing of the past, as new laws are coming which would allow you to take your pet dog for a walk in public parks and gardens across Chandigarh.

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has been issued a guideline by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) for not prohibiting the entry of pet dogs in parks of the city. The guidelines have been set up keeping in the mind the physical as well as mental requirements of dogs. In fact, the Chandigarh MC has been ordered to remove all the signboards outside the parks prohibiting the entry of dogs and pets.

Why was the decision taken

The guidelines of AWBI has been forwarded by the animal activist and Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi saying that it would be against the animal right to let it exercise in the green areas. In the order, she has also stated that it is difficult for the dogs to walk on the roads and pedestrial pavements due to the traffic and also the people on roads can harm them. Dogs, if confined within the four walls of the house, feel caged and can become aggressive too.

However, the counsellors of the MC doesn’t fully agree with the order saying the dogs and people cannot walk together in the parks as they can harm anyone. But the guidelines will have to be implemented.

Points to Remember

As per the AWBI guidelines:

  • The old signboards with no entry signs for dogs and pets will be replaced soon with the specific timings for the dog owners to walk in the park.
  •  As per the AWBI guidelines, the timings for the dog owners will reasonably be long and will vary according to the season.
  • It will be manadatory for the dog owners to carry a scoop with them to collect the the excretory evidences of the dog’s presence.
  • Do not carry a breed of dog longer than 6 feets to ensure safety of others in the park.
  • No one can insist the dog owners to put on the muzzles on their dogs.
  • These guidlines are also to be followed by all the resident welfare associations across Chandigarh.

So, next time whenever you are going to talk a walk in the nearby park, don’t forget to take your dog along with you. Your pet dogs in Chandigarh can now enjoy the fresh air of green belts of the City Beautiful.

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