ParkSafe App to Tackle Wrong Parking Problems in Chandigarh & Mohali

With increasing number of vehicles, parking is becoming a serious problem in Chandigarh as well as Mohali. You might have faced a situation where someone wrongly parks their car blocking your way and there’s nothing much you can do about it instead of waiting for the car owner to clear the way.

In order to solve this wrong parking problem, a leading company of the region, Envision Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd., in collaboration with Punjab Police has launched a mobile app for the citizens. The app has been named as ParkSafe and it is available free of cost on Google play store for Android users as well as on App Store for iPhone users.

How Will ParkSafe App Solve the Parking Problem

  • Every car will have a special ParkSafe sticker with a unique QR Code.
  • If you find a wrongly parked car you can simply get in touch with the car owner by scanning the QR code through the ParkSafe mobile app.
  • The communication between you and the other car owner is through the app itself, so it does not reveal your identity.
  • Upon your request, the owner can then act to make way for your vehicle.

Mohali Police SSP announced that they along with Envision Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd. will run campaigns to create awareness among users in Mohali. Special stickers with QR code will be provided to users which can be pasted on their cars.

Technology Behind ParkSafe App

This innovative mobile app comprises of unique connecting method “isolated contact bridge” technology to connect the users with each other. It also allows an individual to detect and connect with vehicle owner who has wrongly parked his/ her vehicle nearby your vehicle by QR Code/ park safe tag/ or vehicle number. The ParkSafe app aims to keep your vehicle safe from getting a scratch and bumped and helps instantly contact you with the vehicle owner through inbuilt chat, whose car has blocked your driveway.

Real Time Traffic Updates

Apart from the innovative solution to parking problems in Chandigarh & Mohali, the ParkSafe app will also provide users with real-time traffic flow on city roads. The app has a special traffic alert section which would provide live updates about traffic flow so that there’s no inconvenience to people. The info for road blocks, road repair or such things will be provided to the company by Mohali Police.

Park Safe app also has a knowledge section wherein users can log on to access traffic rules and signals that will further help in making the society more informed about traffic rules.

Download ParkSafe App

ParkSafe Mohali

This app will be a tremendous value to all parking hassles and inconveniences. The initiative has been taken by Sunil Thakral who is the CEO of the Envision E-commerce Pvt. Ltd. and Founder of ParkSafe app along with his team members, Vikrant Shukla and Rahul Thakral with the help of SAS Nagar traffic police.


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