Punjabi Singer Parmish Verma Opens Up About Mohali Attack by Gangsters

Multi-talented Punjabi celeb Parmish Verma finally opens up regarding the attack he went through one month ago in Mohali. Punjabi singer Parmish Verma uploaded a pic of him on Instagram & explained the whole story of the attack to his fans after 1 month of the same. Even appealed his fans not to believe in any of the stories out.

Parmish Verma after being a great video director raised to fame as a singer from Punjabi songs like Gaal ni kadni, Shadda. Know what actually had happened on the day of incident & what was the reason behind shooting down Parmish Verma in Mohali.

Punjabi singer Parmish Verma Opens About the Attack on him

After a month he being shot, Parmish Vemra on Sunday posted a picture with his pet & explained the whole incident briefly to his fans. Putting down a full stop to all the rumors around, he himself took over social media & explained the reason behind the attack.

Parmish Verma captioned the image he posted on his social media as- ‘Sat Shri Akaal ji, I am truly humbled by the love & concern you have shown me over the past few weeks. I deeply appreciate it. I am feeling much better now. There is something I wanted to clear the air about. The incident that took place was purely a threat for extortion. I have no enmity with anyone. I have never been involved directly or indirectly with people. I am falsely being associated with by certain media & social media channels.’ Even wrote that it’s heartbreaking & I never want anyone’s else family to go through to whatever my family had gone through in last month.

The detailed information over the attack on Parmish Verma in Mohali

On 14th April 2018, Parmish Verma (31 years) was shot by an unidentified attacker around 12.30 am during his return to home after the event from Elante Mall. With Parmish Verma his friend Kulwant Singh was also attacked in Mohali & after that, both were shifted to Fortis Hospital in Mohali. After the attack, many gangsters of Punjab took responsibility regarding the same but the wanted one Dilpreet Dhahan has also taken the responsibility of the same on his social media.

It was reported that the incident happened due to the ransom of Rs. 25 Lakh that Parmish Verma did not pay to the gangster. Recently it was also reported that again he got a call for ransom & this time the demand was of Rs. Lakh.

We wish a speedy recovery to Punjabi singer Parmish Verma & hope to see him soon in movies in Zahoor & Punjabi version of Singham.


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