Passenger Opens Emergency Door of Chandigarh-Mumbai Flight | Tragedy Averted

The passengers and the crew members on Mumbai-Chandigarh flight got a second life when one of the passengers in the aircraft opened the emergency exit door of the plane. Indigo flight 6E 4134 got inflated due to opening of door at Mumbai airport and thus could not take-off. The airport authorities took action against the accused and handed him over to the police. Due to this incident, the Mumbai-Chandigarh flight got delayed by over 2 hours.

The Actual Incident

On the way from Mumbai to Chandigarh, a passenger who was on the board the Indigo Airlines flight on Friday suddenly opened the emergency exit door at the Mumbai Airport. This act of the creepy passenger created chaos between rest of the passengers, who were on the flight. The flight got inflated, after which the pilot controlled the flight and informed the airport authorities regarding the incident. By god’s grace, no one got injured in the incident. Further, ensuring the safety and security of the passengers the Mumbai airport authorities and Indigo airlines handed the culprit to the police for further investigation.

Although due to the incident passengers got scared and the flight took off 2 hours late from the Mumbai airport to Chandigarh airport and reached here by 4:08 against its scheduled time of 2 PM. And the delayed arrival of the flight led to the late departure of the flight from Chandigarh at 5 PM.

Opening of emergency door is only for actual emergency situations and the wrong use of this practise may cause a plane to crash or other malfuncton in the system. There is a vacuum inside the airplane and opening of emergency door pushes the outside air in the plane which can be quite dangerous.


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