Passenger Traffic at Chandigarh International Airport Increased by 20% | Becomes Fastest Growing Airport

Gradually, Chandigarh International Airport has started to attract a great number of passengers. The airport of Chandigarh has observed an increase of 20% in the passenger traffic in the year 2016- 17. With the increasing connectivity from the Chandigarh International Airport, the place has also seen the increase in its travellers.

The increase in passenger rate is despite its time restriction and much more issues. And it is expected that Chandigarh International Airport will become the most profitable and fastest growing airport of the country. Although Airport in Chandigarh misses some of the major facilities in it but soon it will cope up with it.

Growth of Chandigarh International Airport

According to the Aviation Industry expert, the rise of 20% passenger in Chandigarh International Airport is encouraging. And surely in a very short time, it will gain more popularity. After its inauguration on September 2015, Chandigarh International Airport has attracted a lot of travellers.

  • In 2016-17, 18.35 Lakh travellers used the facilities in the Chandigarh International Airport.
  • Whereas in 2015-16, 15.33 Lakh passengers used the airport.
  • Chandigarh International Airport also bagged the Chandigarh Satisfaction Survey Award for 2016.
  • In 2006-07, only 1.5 Lakh people used the airport.

In 2006, the airport has handled 4,094 flights facility but in 2016-17 the number have gone upto 15,437. In just 10 years, Chandigarh Airport has increased immensely. But there are timing issues and no commercial flight can operate from Chandigarh Airport after 8 PM. That is why many of the airlines have not yet started operating from the city.

Flights from Chandigarh

As of now, a total of 50 flights operates from Chandigarh International Airport everyday, that includes International and domestic flights. The first flight from Chandigarh International Airport took off to Sharjah on 15th September 2016. Chandigarh acts as the gateway for Tricity that includes Haryana, Uttrakhand and mostly Himachal.

  • Sharjah
  • Dubai
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Jammu
  • Leh
  • Bengaluru
  • Jaipur
  • Pune
  • Srinagar
  • And Many more.

Sooner or later, Chandigarh International Airport will be one of the busiest Airport in India. Because most of the airlines have shown interest to start operating their flights to different parts of the World from Chandigarh. It is expected that soon people can take a direct flight to Bangkok from Chandigarh International Airport.

Source: TOI

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