Patiala, Punjab | 28-year Old Married Woman Poisons Her 2 Kids & Kills Herself

Punjab and drugs related deaths now sound so synonymous that shocking incidents like these are a daily norm for many. In a yet another drug related death incident that engulfed three innocent lives from Patiala, a married woman ruthlessly killed herself after poisoning her two young kids. The incident happened on a Saturday evening at her home in Banur district of Patiala in Punjab.

Why the Incident happened ?

The incident took place after the married woman had lost all her patience to live with her husband whom she found out to be a drug addict after marriage. The woman who has been identified as Karamjit hailing from Harpalpur village of the area had got married to Ravinder Singh from Manakpur region from Punjab back in the year 2010. Ravinder, who worked a security guard in a private firm maltreated her wife and used to beat her often as a consequence of the fact that his wife had learnt about him being a drug addict.

How the Incident happened ?

In the seven years of her marriage, she had exhausted her patience and saturation level to bear the brunt of the violent behaviour of her husband. In a fit of rage and agony with no more audacity to take on the things further the similar way, the married woman poisoned her two kids by making them have food laced with poisonous substances in it before killing herself.

The deceased young children have been identified as Gurleen Kaur, 7 year old daughter and one and a half-year-old baby boy Gurkirat Singh, along with the mother of two Karamjit Singh herself who is a daughter of Sukhdev Singh, a local SAD worker of Punjab. Karamjit and her two children were referred by local hospital, AP Jain Hospital from Rajpura to Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh, where they were declared brought dead by the doctors.

What Family, Society and Panchayat did for her?

Karamjit who could no longer bear the abuse by her husband who would come home in inebriated state daily and beat her up, sought help from family, society and even involved local Panchayat to intervene and help her out. Here’s what they did:

  • Karamjit took the matter to Panchayat last year, who gave Ravinder one chance to mend his ways
  • Panchayat even asked Ravinder to give it in writing that he would correct his violent behaviour
  • Karamjit, the deceased asked her Father to intervene week before taking the extreme step
  • Father of the deceased assured her to help her out by bringing in other family members after harvesting period
  • Ravinder not only abused her, but slammed “loose character” charges on his own wife
  • Ravinder’s family and sisters are settled in US, so no involvement is traced from their side

Such shocking deaths caused by the “drug menace” in Punjab not only engulfs the lives of the drug addicts but also of their loved ones and family. The recent incident is a huge example of the same notion. Sad incidents like these numb our minds and chill our bones as to where is PUNJAB as a state heading to? Towards its doom may be ??

Source: TOI

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