PEC University in Chandigarh to Revamp Itself at a Cost of Rs. 99 Crore

PEC, whenever the name comes up , pictures of a sophisticated university pops up in mind which is famous for its world class education and infrastructure. Punjab Engineering College is not only excelling in the field of education or co-curriculum, it’s a system in a whole by itself and now its making itself bigger and better. PEC in Chandigarh is all set to raise its standards in terms of providing world-class facilities to its staff and students.

This university always manages to be amongst 25 top engineering colleges of India and hence not only students from Chandigarh but all over the nation arrive here at PEC for various specializations in the field of technology. Since due to beseeching of students here, this also remains to be a major reason that PEC university of Technology has been given a grant worth Rs. 99 crores for 5 different projects.

What will change at PEC?

A series of five projects has been undertaken at PEC university campus for raising the overall stature of the place and these projects include:

  • Studio Apartments

PEC will be the first educational institute to have studio apartments on campus. For now, faculty is being given apartments/houses on campus in the residential area but according to the perspective of managerial authorities, it will be more convenient to have studio apartments rather than proper houses in residential ares. Idea is that most of the faculty joining the university comes as bachelors and its convenient for them to maintain a studio apartment as compared to maintaining a big home. Though the work will start in the session 2018-19 after the design has been approved. For this project, a proposal has already been approved for building 118 studio apartments in an area of 8829 sq. meters which would cost around Rs. 16 crores.

  • 3 New Hostels

The idea of building new hostels on campus is solely based on the motive to provide better facilities to the ones who arrive at PEC. A new girl’s hostel with 368 rooms will be constructed in an area of 13011 sq. meters which would approximately cost about 24 crores. A boy’s hostel will be constructed with 648 rooms in an area of 20910 sq. meters which would approximately cost around Rs. 38 crores. Along with this, since this university every year is witnessing an increase in the students from all over the globe every year according to statistics, university authorities have decided to built an international hostel and the proposal is for 184 rooms in an area of 7434 sq. meters which would cost about Rs. 14 crores. Work on this project will start in 2017-18 session after the approval of the design for the same.

  • Extending the dining area and dormitory

Besides, the above mentioned 4 projects, an extension will be made for the dining area and the dormitory. Dining area is being developed at a stretch of around 1301 sq. meters of space for which cost estimated is around 2.5 crores, and the new dormitory proposal contains construction of 6 dormitories with 6 beds in each of them and alongside it would also contain 18 rooms with 18 double beds. Work on this will be soon commencing and the dormitories are expected to cost about Rs. 5 crores.

Chandigarh – The city beautiful boosts about a lot of things and PEC in Sector 14 is surely one of them. With all these projects, PEC is all set to become bigger and better.


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