Pedicure Hacks to Keep You Feet Soft Despite The Changing Weather

Winter is coming!

Every Game of Thrones fan was excited about it. But, just as it may have disappointed you in the series, the winter season can be disappointing for your skin, too.

This season can be harsh on your skin, especially your feet. Boots and heavy socks can be extremely compressing on the feet. Hidden toenails that are left to grow wild can become ingrown with shoe pressure. So, it’s time to go ahead and give your feet some extra care with a pedicure routine.

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If you have a jam-packed schedule and are pinched for time, a salon appointment may not be possible. Do not worry! With an up-to-date pedicure kit and feet saving pedicure hacks, you will love at-home pedicure.

Read on to increase the life of your pedicure with these simple habits:

  • Top Up Your Top Coat

One easy way to extend your pedicure’s life is to top up your nail polish coat every 7-10 days. Choose a bright nail color from your home pedicure kit and apply a coat. Not only will this keep your pedicure looking shiny but will also prevent any edges from lifting prematurely. That being said- don’t go too topcoat crazy. Applying too many layers can have the opposite effect. Resulting in the nail polish to chip off in parts or even entirely. Either of them does not look good!

  • Cuticle Care is a Must

Did you also believe that cuticle care is a must only for freshly manicured nails? Seems like you, too, were thinking on the wrong path! Keeping the toenail cuticles hydrated with cuticle oil can do wonders. It will help you keep them in tip-top shape, making your pedicure last for weeks to come. Apply this oil every 2-3 days at the least and prevent your cuticles from drying out. Make sure that your pedicure kit has one!

  • Play it Safe with Socks

Hate socks? But hate withered feet more?  Then make it a habit to lounge around your house wearing socks at all times during winters. A soft pair of socks is the ideal barrier to protect your pedicure from getting beat up when walking around. So, whenever you get a chance, slip into your comfiest pair of socks. Doing so will keep your freshly exfoliated heels feeling baby-smooth.

  • Be Cautious of Water

Especially in the beginning, try to keep your feet away from water. Although nail paints may feel dry to the touch just an hour or two after application, it actually takes them up to 12 -24 hours to set. Precisely for this reason, avoid hot water or steam for a minimum of 12 hours. Too much moisture can cause the unset polish to warp. 

  • Note the Name of Your Nail Paint

Hopefully, you won’t require making major fixes to your pedicure, but small chips here and there are unavoidable. So, in case you need to patch up some damage, you will need to apply a coat. But if your pedicure kit does not have more of the same nail polish, you will need to know the paint’s name and brand. Instead of guessing, avoid such a situation by updating your home pedicure kit. 

  • Hydrate Yourself, Inside and Out

Drinking enough water daily keeps your skin and cuticles feeling soft and hydrated. And will keep your nails healthy and strong as well. Brittle nails are prone to cracking and breakage, leading to a shorter lifespan of your pedicure. So, drink enough water daily!

  • Sunday-Pedicure Day

In other words, for you’re at home pedicure, choose a day when you are relatively free. So, that you can sit back and relax after it is done. Otherwise, nothing can put your pedicure at risk more than running errands after a pedicure. Instead, choose a Sunday to let that pretty polish to set.

Take ample care of your feet during the upcoming winter months. If your home pedicure kit lacks tools, buy them beforehand. Choose luxury brands like Vega that provide a wide of personal care products. Explore the website and order online to load your pedicure kit with the best supplies!

Remember, happy feet equals happy you!


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