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PEO companies Illinois are an excellent solution for small businesses looking to offer their small teams competitive benefits without incurring massive costs. They also provide the perfect Hr administration services to suit your businesses needs. There are hundreds of PEOs strewn across the country and to reap their benefits in full, you need to choose the right one. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision:

What services does the PEO offer?

Most PEOs have a bundle of services designed to take care of your HR administration work, appeal to new talent and retain your company’s current workforce. With all the administrative tasks handled, you can focus on growing your small business’ market share, product improvement, and other vital areas. However, when choosing a PEO, you need to figure out whether their specific services cater to your unique needs. You are going to pay a fee for each employee, so be sure to get the services you pay for before committing any funds.


Due to the sensitive nature of services and data they handle, PEOs are highly regulated. Your perfect choice of PEO should be registered with the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO). Non-compliance can have time and money-consuming consequences for your business.

Service Fees

Most PEOs charge a certain fee per employee, and you need to determine that beforehand to make proper budgeting decisions. It may be a percentage of payroll (POP) or a fixed per employee per month charge (PEPM). A reputable PEO will reveal all these and other allied fees.

Compare many service providers

While deciding on a PEO for your business, be sure to compare the offers multiple PEOs around you comprehensively. A thorough comparison will give you more information to work with, a better bidding edge and help you make a better choice.

Their 401(k) providers

A 401(k) is an essential part of the benefits scheme you should have to incentivize your staff. PEOs offer 401(k) to their clients and often outsource to specific providers. Be sure to find out if the 401(k) providers are reputable, pay attention to fine details and the charges associated with their programs.

Their Workers Compensation Carriers

Workers compensation is a crucial aspect in HR management, and the right PEO should extend these services to their client companies. Find out more about their WC carrier and ensure previous customers highly rate them. While most people rarely discuss it, WC issues can lead to a company’s sudden downhill spiral.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Most PEOs offer a HRMS to run all HR administration aspects including payroll, benefits, employees files, among others. You need to request a demonstration of your company’s specific HRMS to see if it suits your needs. Your HR department is going to be interacting with that HRMS every day, and you need to ensure that it runs smoothly without glitches or frequent downtime. Most reputable PEOs offer demos that you should take advantage of.


Choosing the right PEO like will help your business grow to the next level and result in content and motivated employees.


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