Chandigarh People Don’t Know How to Park Even Inside Parking Lots – Says Firm

Haphazardly parked cars create a chaos in Chandigarh markets. The newly appointed parking firm claims that Chandigarh residents don’t have parking etiquette. To make Chandigarh people learn to park their car in parking lots, municipal corporation will run a campaign.

It’s time to make Chandigarh people feel proud by improvising the Chandigarh parking etiquette. Honking is another great issue for Chandigarh police to manage traffic & parking issues. Municipal corporation will run a campaign to irradiate this problem soon. MC has also planned to provide with free parking coupons to people who come forward and support this campaign.

Chandigarh Parking Campaign

Chandigarh traffic police felt highly privileged to hear that a new campaign in cooperation with municipal Corporation will be launched next week. Sandeep Bhora – Company manager took a step forward to create awareness among Chandigarh residents but unfortunately, residents even deny to learn parking etiquette even for their self-betterment. Bhora also claimed that Chandigarh residents have an egoistic behaviour which creates a hurdle for Chandigarh traffic police to carry forward this campaign. Police Ravi claimed that its another initiative taken by UT police, Municipal Corporation to head towards making Chandigarh an organized city.

Through a  survey, visitors of the market revealed that there is no designated parking space in markets of Chandigarh. The visitors park vehicles in a chaotic manner. The committee has planned to include deployment of banners, hoardings, marshals about parking rules in awareness Campaign. Marshals would teach people maintaining proper gap between vehicles.

Lane Driving – Lane Parking

Chandigarh people park their cars mindlessly even in the parking lots. Residents know lane driving but they lack sense of lane parking. People overlap the bays of parking lots which creates a problem. Visitors park vehicles haphazardly in crowded places blocking somebody’s ways and person goes without taking of handbrake. It’s really terrible situation for UT traffic police to manage traffic and parking issues.

The company has decided to give away 100-200 free parking passes to people who become the part of this campaign. Though free parking coupons will be valid for a certain period only.

Source: Indian Express


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