Got a Pet Dog in Chandigarh? Get it Registered with MC, or Else Lose It

Keeping a pet dog at your house in Chandigarh has just attracted some laws from the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh. According to the announcement, it is now mandatory for dog owners to get their dogs registered at the MC office in Chandigarh and if you do not pay attention to this, you might have to loose you dog to Chandigarh MC.

According to MC stats, there are over 15,000 pet dogs in Chandigarh and out of this number, only 4,455 dogs were registered till April 2016. Chandigarh Municipal Corporation wants that every pet dog in Chandigarh should be registered with MC and every dog should wear their registration number mentioned on a brass token in their neck collar.

Chandigarh is a great city. Apart from so many laws and regulations, the city too has some special laws for pet dogs. Keep reading!

Laws to keep a pet dog in Chandigarh:

  • Registration of every pet dog in Chandigarh is a must for everyone.
  • One family can not keep more than 2 dogs.
  • Dogs are not allowed at Sukhna Lake or any public garden or park which is being maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh.
  • Pet dogs should not be allowed to defecate in public places and if they do, then it is owner’s responsibility to clean it.
  • Wearing a neck collar is a must for pet dogs in Chandigarh along with a medal token which is issued by the government registration authority.
  • Dead dogs have to be handed over to MC officials for burial.
  • A stick should be held by the owner in case you own a big dog and are taking it out for a walk.

How to get your Dog registered with Chandigarh MC:

Well, if you own a dog in Chandigarh or are planning to have one soon, then make sure you obey all these regulations. We have made a pointer list about steps by which you can get your dog registered with Chandigarh Municipal Corporation.

  • You have to apply for your dogs registration as soon as your dog is 4 months old.
  • Get a form from Office of Medical Officer Health in Sector 17.
  • The form requires 2 pics of the dog along with details about the colour, age, breed, vaccination certificate .
  • A registration fee of Rs. 200 is charged.
  • Once the process is completed you will be given a brass token which has to be worn by your dog in his neck collar.

And you might be thinking that what if we do not get our pet dog registered. Well, here’s it.

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation can impose a fine ranging upto Rs. 500. if the dog is still not registered then a penalty on per day basis is imposed. And after that the MC officials have all the right to take your pet dog away and auction it at the end.

Image Credits: The Tribune


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