This Panchkula Petrol Pump Fills Water in Fuel Tank At 68 Rupees Per Litre | Watch Video

In a first, a Panchkula petrol pump has started serving water in your car tank at just 68 Rupees per litre. Well, not exactly but you get what we’re saying right? The news is both funny and chilling at the same time. The incident has left the Panchkula residents in shock and they have started questioning whether mixing water in Petrol can harm their cars so much.

How was the Panchkula MDC Petrol Pump busted?

The Panchkula incident came to light on Monday when a gypsy of Haryana Police came to fill petrol in their vehicle. The Haryana Police Gypsy had just travelled a distance of one kilometre from the Mansa Devi Complex Sector 5 Petrol Pump in Panchkula when the vehicle came to a complete halt. After much inspection, the cops were able to identify the problem. The cops concluded that the engine had seized because of the water entering the engine.

Apparently, the density of Petrol from Panchkula’s Mansa Devi Complex Sector 5 Petrol Pump was so low that there was hardly any presence of fuel in it. The Panchkula People who live in the same vicinity of the MDC Sector 5 Panchkula Petrol Pump are alarmed as they have been filling their car tanks from the same place. It is a general practice to mix water in the petrol and is nothing that we haven’t heard of but the very fact that it may damage your vehicle completely is an eye-opener in itself.

Video Surfaced of the Panchkula MDC Sector 5 Petrol Pump:

After the incident came to light on Tuesday, various videos of the Petrol Pump have surfaced which tell the horrific truth of the establishment in Sector 5 of MDC in Panchkula. Fuel Samples from the Petrol Pump have been collected and Food and Supply Controller (Meghna Talwar) has promised a strict action if the petrol fails the lab result. We at Chandigarh Metro advise the people of the tri-city area including Panchkula to fill the petrol tanks of your car only at places which offer a completely transparent transaction by allowing you to take a fuel density check.

Watch the video of the incident here:

Source: Times Of India


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