PG Owners in Chandigarh told to submit details of students at Police Station

Chandigarh has never held it loose whenever it comes to discipline and legalities. Yet another step is being taken to make Chandigarh a socially better place. Now, all PG owners in Chandigarh will have to submit the details of its inheritors to their respective police station house officers (SHO’s). This registration has to be in a written form which would basically be an information about their accommodation of antecedents which are majorly students studying in various courses in the colleges and universities of the city.

The Official Orders for PG’s in Chandigarh

According to the orders issued under Section 144 of CrPC, there is a large population of the city which is residing here in the form of ‘Paying guests’ instead of living as tenants due to which there is no legal information about them. Due to this, some anti-social elements may creep in under the eye. Thus to ensure that no such persons live in the city, UT district magistrate Ajit Balaji has instructed all the PG owners to submit the details about the accommodation in written, leaving no room for any crept in security of the city.

What if you Fail to comply

Those who fail to submit the required info shall be considered liable to be prosecuted for disobedience under the laws of IPC (Indian Penal Code). The written information which has to be submitted must also include the charges for accommodation as well as food being charged to students living in PG at Chandigarh. The orders have been activated for functioning by October 17 midnight.

Cyber Cafes also under vigil

Besides curbing the entry of anti-social elements through one gateway i.e. ‘paying guests’, the District Magistrate has also prohibited the cyber cafes to be used by those whose identity has not been officially scrutinized by the cyber cafe authorities. All the cyber cafes in the city are directed to maintain a register which has the entries tabulated along with a copy of their identity cards of whoever is using the cyber cafe services. Identity card can be any photo ID card like voter card, ration card, passport, driving license or any other eligible Identity card. And only after this legalized ID cards have been authorized, shall the user be permitted inside.

There’s Something for Night Life Too

Night clubs in chandigarh, coffee shops, discos and roadside vendors who are functional till late night are prohibited to function between 1 AM to 4:30 AM for a period of next 60 days. These orders however, do not apply to chemists shops, coffee shops in hotels, hospitals and petrol pumps as these actions are being taken for solely stopping the disturbances in the peace of the city by these inceptions but do not hold for those who are inevitable for the proper functioning and flow in the city. However, discos, clubs and restaurants are allowed to be opened up till 2 AM on Saturdays and Sundays.

With so much initiatives being taken up, we can now understand very well the reason behind why this city is known for its planning and orderly discipline.


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