PGI Chandigarh to Have 470 High Quality CCTV Cameras

In a move to make Chandigarh’s PGI hospital more secure, a total of over 470 CCTV cameras would be installed on the campus at strategic points. This would be done over the coming 3 to 4 months. There’s no doubt in the fact that the campus of PGI is a huge one and hence a large number of CCTV cameras are required in order to make it secure.

CCTV cameras at PGI

At present, PGI already has over 270 CCTV cameras. Out of 270, 265 are in working condition and remaining 5 would soon be repaired or replaced. The official security agency at PGI keeps a constant watch over these cameras 24 hours a day. However, a lot of areas in various departments were not covered in the range of these cameras. In order to cover the entire PGI campus, 200 new CCTV cameras will be installed at PGI. This would bring the total number to 470. The locations to install these new cameras have already been finalized and the work to install more CCTV cameras at PGI is expected to begin soon.

The footfall at PGI is increasing day by day and it has become difficult for security agencies to keep a check on each patient and their attendants. Few theft cases have also been brought to the notice of the authorities in recent past. These new CCTV cameras will be efficient enough to track all activity happening at PGI.


Ajay Deep

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