PGI Chandigarh Blocks The use of Youtube & Facebook to Prevent Excessive Use

Recently on Saturday, The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Reseach [PGIMER], blocked the social media sites like Facebook and Youtube on all its computers. According to the sources, the decision was taken with the motto of preventing the excessive use of the social networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube.

Use of The Internet By Unauthorized Users Led to Blocking of Social Networking Sites in PGI, Chandigarh

As per the sources from the PGI, Chandigarh officials and admins, the decision of blocking Facebook, Youtube and other sites were carried out to prevent the usage of the Internet by the unauthorized users. Along with this, the blocking of the sites was also carried out to adhere the employers to use the social networking sited while their working hours.

According to the senior officials in the administration of PGI, the congestion witnessed on several URL in the institute tends to decrease the speed of the Internet on campus although there are as many as 4,000 Internet nodes available on campus as well as extra Wi-Fi installation in many departments.

Reasons For Blocking Facebook and Youtube in PGI 

As per the sources, there are many reasons that forced the administration to block the social networking sites on the computers of PGI. These reasons include –

Preventing the employers to use social networking sites during official hours.

Reducing the congestion in the use of the Internet on Campus.

Improving the Speed of the Internet on premises of PGI in Chandigarh.

Haltering the excessive use of the social networking sites.

Stopping the use of PGI Internet by unauthorized users.

Discouragement of the Decision of Blocking Youtube by Doctors in PGI | New Youtube Academic Version To be Formulated by PGI Officials

As the doctors at PGI in Chandigarh make use of the youtube for many academic reasons, the decision of blocking Youtube was discouraged by the doctors.  In response to this, discouragement PGI administration is formulating the academic version of the Youtube. This new Youtube is going to designed enabling the content check mechanism accessed by the staff. So, the administration is in the process to start the registration of the devices as well as launching their own version of Youtube.

Source – Indian Express 


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