1200 Doctors At PGI Chandigarh Are On Strike, Patients are Suffering & Here’s Why it’s Happening

PGI Chandigarh, one of the most busiest hospital in North India seems to be paralyzed as over 1200 resident doctors are on a infinite strike and thousands of patients (maybe tens of thousands or even more) are suffering like anything. While doctors of this prestigious hospital might have gone on a strike before as well, but it happened the very first time that doctors closed the main entrance gates of PGI Chandigarh and did not let patients enter. Just imagine.

You might be thinking that what led to this community who acts as something next to God for the patients strike their work. Here;s how it all started:

The slapping incident that led to Doctors Strike at PGI Chandigarh:

A woman from Patiala was admitted to PGI for some illness. Patient’s son stayed with her during the night as an attendant. He noticed that the condition of her mother was being worsened and tried calling the hospital staff and doctors who were on duty during the night. According to a news story published in The Tribune, no one attended to her mother even after he requested a lot many times. In the afternoon, when a resident doctor came on round, patient’s attendant tried explaining her mother’s condition but the doctor was not listening to what he was saying. In rage, the attendant slapped the doctor.

This incident became the limelight and several other doctors left their duties and started a strike for this incident. It may be noted that most of the 1200 resident doctors of PGI who are on strike are junior doctors. Senior resident doctors are not a part of this strike and are putting up with their duties.

Yesterday late evening, the striking doctors came out and closed the main entrance gate of PGI Chandigarh. No patients were allowed to enter PGI from the gate opposite Panjab University. The gates remained closed for about 2 hours.

Who’s Fault is This?

The man who slapped the doctor? No, as he tried his level best to reach out to a doctor to attend his mother throughout the night and when finally a doctor arrived in the afternoon, he did not listen. It is true that the attendant should have acted more patiently and should have never slapped a doctor.

And let us tell you that he has been held by the police for the charges of slapping a doctor and his mother for whom he did all this, expired.

Doctor who was slapped? No, as he just came on his duty in the afternoon. But, maybe yes. He should have listened to the patients attendant and tried to comfort him. Even if he was slapped, he should have behaved normal. After all, try to understand the situation when someone’s mother is lying on a death bed and her son is doing all that is required to be by her side.

Patients who are still waiting to be treated? No. Not at all.

Doctors who are striking? Well, on one side they have to agitate for their mate who was slapped but this does not mean that they forget their duties and the high standard and responsibility that they own for the human race.

We hope that the strike would end soon and the patients who come from as far as Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh get the best treatment. And yes, may God bless all and give everyone a strong mind so as people are able to take the right decision at the right time.

Image Credits: Indian Express


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