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The movie ‘Phillauri’ starring Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh has hit the screens. Phillauri had already created a lot of buzz before its release. This is for the second time after NH10 that the sister-brother duo, Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma are up with their movie ‘Phillauri’ as producers. Phillauri has been produced under the banner of Fox Star Studios and Clean Slate Films. Get ready to experience the romantic comedy movie ‘Phillauri’. But before you book your tickets, make sure you read Phillauri review, know cast, crew and the story highlights.

Phillauri Movie Story

‘Phillauri’ is a romantic comedy movie, that showcases the love of a spirit. Yes, a spirit. The story of the movie ‘Phillauri’ roams around a young boy Kanan (Suraj Sharma), who meets a friendly spirit Shashi (Anushka Sharma) after he reluctantly marries a tree to get rid off a threat to his love life. The spirit who used to live on the tree now starts following Kanan. And what all woes the boy has to go through after meeting the spirit have been shown in Phillauri. However, it is not at all a horror movie. Phillauri reviews suggest that you should definitely go for this movie.

The spirit (Anushka Sharma) disclose her past life and tells about her love for Diljit Dosanjh. The movie goes into flashback and therefore a romantic relation between Anushka and Diljit has also been shown. Finally, Kanan helps her to get rid of her condition.

Phillauri Cast & Crew

Phillauri Movie Cast

Cast: Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma, Mehreen Pirzada and more.

Director: Anshai Lal

Producer: Anushka Sharma & Karnesh Sharma

Releasing Date: 24th March 2017

Meaning of the word ‘Phillauri’

Phillaur is a town located in ‘Jallandhar’ district in Punjab and the residents of the place are often called ‘Phillauris’. Like the way, people belonging to Chandigarh is called as Chandgarhians, Amritsar people are termed as Amritsariya, so similarly Philaur represents Phillauri and thus the movie name. Even with this name, the reviews of Phillauri are great.

It seems that ‘Phillauri’ has been named as such because of the character of Diljit Dosanjh as he belongs to that place in the movie.

‘Phillauri’ movie trailer and songs

The trailer of Bollywood movie Phillauri has received many views and is actually a good one. It shows that Phillauri is a romantic comedy movie. There is a perfect tuning between all characters of the film and this will one of those movies that will become the talk of the time for a long time. The early review of Phialuri came just after trailer release, when it was appretiated by leading Bollywood stars.

Have a look at the official trailer of ‘Phillauri’ movie.

The music of Phillauri movie has been directed by Shashwat Sachdeva and Jasleen Royal. A total of 3 songs have beenThe music of Phillauri movie has been directed by Shashwat Sachdeva and Jasleen Royal. A total of 3 songs has been blended in the movie that has been voiced by great singers of Bollywood industry.

‘Dum Dum’ song of the movie ‘Phillauri’ has been sung by Romy and Vivek Hariharan, whereas Mika Singh and Jasleen Royal has also voiced a song titled as ‘Whats Up’. And the ‘Ranjana’ song of Phillauri movie has a voice of the mesmerising singer Diljit Dosanjh.

Phillauri Reviews

As the movie is a romantic tale and is a comedy as well, the entire package is worth watching. Acting skills of Anushka are great and Diljit Dosanjh who was there in Udta Punjab has once again charmed the audience with his simplicity. Phillauri has received a rating of 3.5 and some excellent reviews.

The way how fun is being made of spirits and how a person is afraid of a spirit is the best part. The entire story of Phillauri has been well written and very well executed. This is the major reason for Phillauri that got good reviews.

Get ready to watch a unique love story on the silver screen with “Phillauri’ on 24th March 2017.


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