Pierre Jeanneret’s Historic Residence in Chandigarh Converted into a Museum

On the auspicious occasion of the 121st birth anniversary of the Chandigarh’s Chief architect i.e March 22, 2017, Chandigarh Administration has decided to honour the works of Chandigarh’s first Chief Architect – Pierre Jeanneret. Owing to its historic importance and to pay tribute to the contributions of Pierre Jeanneret, the Administration has decided to convert the House No. 57 in Sector 5 of the city into a museum named Maison Pierre Jeanneret, open to the public to create awareness about the great works of the architect.

 Things that would be exhibited at Maison Pierre Jeanneret

The residence stands for the features that never got talked about. Here are the list of things you would encounter when you pay a visit to the place:

  • Rare artefacts and models bearing relation to the city in its making phase.
  • Rare wooden furniture pieces designed by Pierre Jeanneret himself.
  • Pictorial display of Pierre Jeanneret’s works.
  • Perforated brick screens and curved stone walls.
  • spacious drawing room, dining room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen and store.
  • Eye shaped window at first floor for the lawn view and ventilation.
  • Spiral staircase connecting ground to first floor.
  • Carpentry workshop in the garage and servant quarters.

Details about Pierre Jeanneret Museum 

Museum in Chandigarh

Location: House No. 57, Sector 5, Chandigarh.

Entry Fee: Unknown

Operational Timings: Not Known.

Maintained by: Chandigarh Administration

Inauguration date: March 22, 2017

Inaugurated by: Punjab Governor and UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore

Welcome Maison Pierre Jeanneret

Housing priceless memories the cubical-shaped compact accommodation not only served as the residence for more than a decade for Pierre Jeanneret from Dec 1954 to Aug 1965 but also stands for its historic significance of being aesthetically designed by the architect himself. With recently being renovated harming its originality by some government officials of Chandigarh, Deepika Gandhi, Director, Chandigarh Architecture Museum and Le Corbusier Centre, said the house was given the original look after restoration. For instance, the restoration was carried out with such precision that included acquiring bricks dating back to 1960’s from Sector 23 to refurbish the open fireplace in the house.

Tarun Mathur, son of the architect BP Mathur who closely worked with Pierre Jeanneret provided insights about the lifestyle of the Chief architect. According to him, Jeanneret lived life of a hermit and stayed alone. Soft-spoken Jeanneret could always be found adorning a white bushirt and khaki trousers reflecting simple living and high thinking.

On constant recommendations of the architect fraternity and undying efforts of the city lovers, the administration gave a green signal to the pending decision and proved Better Late than Never. Aiming to serve as a heritage site and a great tourist attraction, let us welcome this new asset in the city beautiful Chandigarh -Maison Pierre Jennearet !

Image Source = The Times Of India


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