Piku going house-full in Chandigarh: Know what movie buffs say about Piku

It is after a long time that Chandigarh is once again witnessing house-full cinema halls. All thanks to the movie Piku starring Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan which was released here on Friday, the 8th of May, 2015. The comedy-drama film has wooed Chandigarh audiences who can’t stop raving about the story and stellar performances by the leading trio.

Chandigarh Metro team went on a geri to PVR Elante, PVR Centra Mall, DT Cinemas at IT Park and to Picaddilly Square in Sector 34 to know how Chandigarh public is reacting to the movie. We asked people coming out after watching the show and even overheard some people talking about the movie while standing near the exit gate. Here’s what Chandigarh has to say about this eccentric yet lovely daughter-father relationship:

  • Simply sweet and adorable. – Shruti Rana, a housewife.
  • I loved the characters. They are remarkable beyond imagination. Amitabh is too good to be recognized. Deepika looks beautiful with minimal make-up. Irrfan’s expressions while romancing are unmatched. – Sonia Singh, a doctor.
  • It’s a modern take on emotional family ties. Shoojit Sircar ropes in humorous dialogues well in this drama of subtle emotions. – Vipul Mahajan, a working professional.
  • Out of all amazing characters, I loved Deepika the most. She is beautiful and successful. Her relationship with father is the most beautiful and courageous one. For me, Piku is about women empowerment, where a woman can make her choices and live by them. – Deepti Sharma, a student.
  • While I was enjoying this amusing and emotional ride, I thought of my dad. – Ishita Walia, a working professional.
  • What a heart-touching climax and, not to forget, cleverly-timed and organic interval. – Vaibhav Sood, a student.
  • Perfect family film with drama, humour, and emotion. – Rajat Jindal, a businessman.

Go, book your tickets right now and don’t miss this delightful feel-good film.


Supriya Trika

Supriya Trika is a mass-communication post-graduate from the beautiful city of Chandigarh. She loves writing, reading, travelling, spontaneous adventures, surprises, spirituality, fashion, dancing, fitness, music, movies, cakes, and laughing a lot.
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