Pinjore-Baddi Bypass Construction Begins | Commuters Delighted

It’s time for the people usually stuck on the Pinjore road connecting Baddi every single day to take a deep breath of relief because the Union Road Transport and Highway Minister has laid the foundation stone of the much-delayed project of Pinjore-Baddi bypass.

Getting stuck in the tapered lanes of Pinjore costs a lot for the everyday Professional commuters. With the construction of the Pinjore-Baddi bypass people will not have to wait long hours jammed up in heavy traffic.

The Old Traffic Jam Story

People commuting on daily basis to reach Baddi experience the highest level of frustration due to heavy traffic jams on the Pinjore road. The lanes of Pinjore are not designed in such a way that they can bear substantial traffic that blocks them all the time. According to the National Highway Authority of India(NHAI) disclosed that more than 4000 professionals and commercial vehicles travel Baddi on daily basis through Pinjore and suggested this the problem region.

The National Highway 22 or the Zirakpur-Kalka Highway has no prominent lane directed towards the Baddi route, as a result, all the heavy commercial vehicles get stuck on the Pinjore’s restricted lanes. The heavy vehicles further immobilize the light vehicles like cars, bikes, scooters etc. that further slows the traffic down.

The place most familiar to the customary jams is Pinjore’s Yadvindra Gardens. The distance from the Gardens to Baddi is only two kilometres, but many people complain that it takes more than an hour to cover up this short stretch.

The Plight Of The Truck Drivers

The commercial truck drivers are worst hit when it comes to frustrating traffic jams. Commercial trucks often carry important consignments that are to be delivered within a specific time frame.

Many truck drivers complained that it is a huge pain both mental and physical to travel through the Pinjore route to reach Baddi.Due of immobilization for long hours in the dense traffic trucks consume extra fuel which increases the cost of diesel bills.

The Pinjore-Baddi Bypass Project

The much awaited and fairly delayed project will cost a whopping amount of Rs 140 crore and is estimated to complete in 2 years.

The 7.7 km long bypass will start from the HMT factory located on the highway. The industrial town of Baddi will get linked directly to the NH 22 through this project while de-congesting the later for easy faring of vehicles.

The heavy traffic not only congests Pinjore route but also the Shimla Highway and the new bypass will solve this issue to a huge extent. Both the heavy and light vehicles will be able to reach Baddi easily without congesting Pinjore.

The regular commuters will be able to travel comfortably without any stress especially those who drive commercial vehicles and are not allowed to enter Pinjore from 7am to 9am, 1pm to 3pm and 5pm to 8pm to moderate the traffic. The bypass project will not only provide relief to the people travelling through Pinjore, but will also ease out many problems of the locals and the businessmen working in the city as well.

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