Pinky Lalwani – Age, Photos, 1st Marriage, Relation w Vijay Mallya & More

Vijay Mallya for the third time is all set to tie the knot with a woman named as Pinky Lalwani. Business Tycoon and CEO of Kingfisher Airlines, Vijay Mallya has been reported to marry Pinky Lalwani, who has been alleged to be his girlfriend since last 3 years. Also she has been the former air hostess of Vijay Mallya’s owned Kingfisher Airlines.

The duo has not yet confirmed the marriage, but it has been reported the soon they will tie a knot. Know all the details like- biodata, DOB, First marriage, husband and relationships of Vijay Mallya’s girlfriend Pinky Lalwani below.

Pinky Lalwani’s Biodata: From DOB to First Marriage & husband details

Pinky Lalwani, the woman who has been alleged to be Vijay¬†Mallya’s third wife has been appointed as the Air hostess in the Kingfisher Airlines. According to reports, Vijay Mallya and Pinky Lalwani are said to be met in the flight itself and since 2011 they have been together. Pinky Lalwani is about 15 years younger than Vijay Mallya, as she is 38 and he is 62 years. The girl belongs to a Sindhi family.

Even it has been said that Pinky is never married and Vijay Mallya will be her first husband. Also the moment Vijay Mallya left the country, she also flew from the country and has been alleged that both use to live together. Both of them use to make may public appearances together, whereas it has also been alleged that both have even got married.

Pinky Lalwani and Vijay Mallya’s Relationship and Marriage

Recently via their social media profile (Instagram and Facebook), it has been revealed that a few days ago the couple celebrated¬†their 3 years of togetherness. Even it has been reported that Vijay Mallya is also the chairman of a Company in the UK, where Pinky has been a shareholder. Pinky Lalwani will be the third wife of Vijay Mallya, as in 1986 he married Sameera Tyabjee and Rekha Mallya in 1993. Also legally, Rekha is still Vijay’s wife as the duo has not yet got divorced.

From his first wife, he has a son name Siddharth Mallya and from his second wife, he has 2 daughters named as Leanna and Taya. Although yet the official confirmation of his third marriage with Pinky Lalwani is yet awaited, as no state has been out from the duo or any family members yet. So it is too early to say whether duo is all for marriage or its just a relationship.


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