Here are the 8 Sites For The Sale Of Fire Crackers This Diwali in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Administration on Monday identified 8 new sites in the city for the sale of fire crackers ahead of Diwali. The administration took this decision because they believe the sale of the fire crackers in densely populated areas can be risky because of the highly flammable firecrackers. The sale of the crackers in the popular but dense areas of Chandigarh will only increase the crowd in these areas and lead to bad traffic situations.

List of Proposed Sites By The Chandigarh Administration:

Therefore the Administration revealed a list of 8 sites where the shopkeepers can put up stalls for the sale of fire crackers. These eight proposed sites in Chandigarh include the ground near Gujrat Bhawan in sector 24, three grounds in Manimajra, a ground adjoining Ryan International School in Sector 49, a ground in sector 43 and another one in front of Government School Sector 38 (west).

This has brought widespread criticism of the Chandigarh Administration’s decision though. General Secretary of the Chandigarh Crackers’ Association, Chirag Aggarwal claims this move will further decline the business of the small shopkeeper which is already having very low sales. He said if a small shopkeeper wanted to sell crackers in his existing shop last year the process was fairly simple. He managed to fetch a little business during the Festival of Diwali.

But with the Chandigarh Administration’s rules this year he might have to travel up to five kilometres to set up a temporary shop in the mentioned grounds in Chandigarh. This way he will have to close his existing shop which is not viable for small businessmen. He maintained that this decision of the Administration will be opposed by the Association.

The Chandigarh Administration decision was also issued in 2016 and 2014 but opposed each time:

This is not the first time the Chandigarh Administration has issued such decision. The Administration had identified three sites for the sale of crackers last year but the crackers association opposed the move and met Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher to resolve the issue. The officials of the Chandigarh Administration then had to succumb to the pressure of the Crackers’ Association when Kirron Kher intervened. They were finally allowed to sell crackers at their existing shops in Chandigarh city.

The Administration also issued the rule in 2014. Circus Ground of sector 17, exhibition ground of Sector 34 and Circus Ground in Manimajra were the proposed sites in Chandigarh then. The decision was reverted last time too when MP Kirron Kher intervened.

The Administration was worried that the sale of the firecrackers in densely populated areas of Chandigarh like the Sectors 7, 15, 22, 23, 26, 24 and Burail may result in accidents and cause loss of life and property.

Source: Indian Express


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