PM Modi is coming to Chandigarh Again | This Time to Perform Yoga

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is again coming to Chandigarh in June 2016. This would be the third visit of Modi to the beautiful city of Chandigarh and the main reason for Indian Prime Minister to come here would be to perform Yoga on International Yoga Day 2016.

This might seem a joke to many or you might even think that Chandigarh Metro team is again making an April Fool like they did with Mini Cruise at Sukhna Lake in 2015 and Free Google Wi-Fi in 2016. But to be true to our readers, news sources have confirmed the news that Modi is most likely to be performing Yoga on 21st June in Chandigarh to mark the celebration of International Yoga Day.

According to news sources, the government of India has asked Chandigarh Administration to make proper arrangements for 21st June. It has been said that leaving New Delhi aside, Modi has chosen the beautiful city of Chandigarh from where he would address the world and give a strong message of promoting Indian Yoga worldwide. Last year in 2015, International Yoga Day was celebrated with high spirits and millions of people around the world did yog asans. Narendra Modi led the yoga campaign from New Delhi along with over 35,000 people at the venue.

Modi will be in Chandigarh for International Yoga Day 2016

According to news sources, over 30,000 people will join Modi in Chandigarh to perform Yoga on the 21st of June, 2016. The venue has not been decided yet but it seems that it would be a tough task for Chandigarh Administration to make such massive arrangements.

Last year, Modi performed Yoga for 35 minutes. A similar time duration is expected for 2016 International Yoga Day when Modi would lead yog asanas in Chandigarh.

Venue for the Mega Yoga Event in Chandigarh

Central Government has asked Chandigarh Administration to prepare a list of possible venues. According to sources, the possible venues maybe:

  • Capitol Complex, Sector 17.
  • Road from Sukhna Lake to Rock Garden.
  • A stretch on Jan Marg road.
  • Sector 34 Exhibition Ground.
  • Sector 17 Parade Ground.

A team from central government will be in Chandigarh to finalize the venue and all decisions related to this International Yoga event in Chandigarh will be taken by the Government of India.

It seems that Modi is doing all that is needed to bring Chandigarh on the world map and make the city even more popular in the world.

News Source: Hindustan Times


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