Punjab Ranks on Top For Highest Number of Patients Visiting PGI Chandigarh

PGIMER Chandigarh records the highest number of patients from Punjab area. As a result of ongoing development and advancements in the medical facilities of government, recent calculations have ranked Punjab number one, in the list of states having the highest number of PGIMER (postgraduate institute of medical education and research) patients.

With more and more people opting for the improved and affordable medical services at PGIMER (Chandigarh), a significant number of 9 Lakhs patients were seen in the past year in Punjab getting treated in the government facility.

The Latest Numbers of PGI (Chandigarh) Patients 

With Punjab rising to 9 lakh number of patients visiting PGIMER, Chandigarh PGIMER also treated 5.5 Lakh patients in past year. Following Chandigarh, Haryana population of 5Lakh patients, also preferred PGI hospitals over other hospitals.

According to PGI, the total number of 25,15,455 patients were reported to have arrived at the outpatient department [OPD] in the financial year of 2016-2017.

State Number of Patients
Punjab 9,17,252
Chandiagrh 5,50,417
Haryana 4,84,372
Himachal Pradesh 2,79,790
Uttar Pradesh 1,17,659
Jammu and Kashmir 59,745
Uttarakhand 30,413
Other states 75,818
Total 25,15,466

Proposal of developing new facility at Sarangpur (Punjab)

In the recent meeting with CK Mishra, Union Secretary of Health on 28th June, 2017, this matter of rising number of patients in Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana PGIMER was a major topic of discussion. With the concerning issue of lower facilities, the finance committee raised a proposal to establish OPD, trauma centre as well as Cancer Institute at Sarangpur for the purpose of tackling the increasing number of patients at PGIMER, Chandigarh.  Estimated cost of the project is INR 2800 Crore.

Proposal details:

  • 7-floor OPD accommodating 35 Lakh patients annually
  • Trauma Centre with 500 Beds
  • 20-operation theatres
  • Cancer Institute: fully equipped to avail 350 radiotherapy daily and 4500 cancer surgeries in a year.

Verdict of PGI (Chandigarh) Officials

After the meeting held on 28th June 2017, CK Mishra said that “The proposal is still at the formative stage and he added, it is very surprising how patients prefer to visit PGI for minor ailments like cold and fever”.

Dr. TD Yadav flashed the limelight on the issue of medical institutions including the district hospitals and other medical colleges not working efficiently, making it one of the prominent reasons for patients not coming here for treatment”. On the same note, he also told how choosy these private hospitals are as they refer these critical cases to PGI only. In his statement, he also defined the faith on doctors of PGI, Chandigarh as one of the reasons for patients to prefer treatment here.

This news is a crisp and proud moment for the state government of health care. We hope to see more increase in numbers in coming years.

Source: The Tribune

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