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Browser gaming has been popular for a long time now and it only continues to develop and grow. Any gamer with Internet access should recall playing extremely simple yet fun games as a child. This tradition continues with tons of fun and exciting games for children, as well as equally fun and more elaborate titles for adults. While offering dozens of categories, themes, and variations, browser gaming is a genre in itself. Online games available in a browser have unique characteristics and charm that continue to attract players. One of the amazing modern platforms for browser gaming is Game Karma and it has hundreds of great titles to offer.

Browser Games Features

There are so many types of browser games from cooking and playing dress-up to solving puzzles and fighting mobs, yet all these titles have some things in common. And these features are exactly what makes browser gaming so special:

  • Simplicity – while there are puzzle games that require some thinking, browser-based games are generally simply designed and offer accessible gameplay. Regardless of your age or gaming experience, you should be able to sit down and start playing right away;
  • Free of charge – this is a very important point as videogames for PC and gaming consoles are usually quite pricy. In addition, browser games are often played by children and it is important to offer them free entertainment options;
  • No installation needed – all browser games do not require installation, hence their name. Anybody should be able to open a necessary website and start playing games instantly without downloading clients and installing anything on the device. This is a great time saver and also an opportunity to save space on the computer;
  • Incredible variety – when loading up a gaming website you can always expect to see an insane amount of games. This is perfect for killing the time especially when you are bored and need to try something new.

As you can see, even though browser games continue to improve and deliver better graphics and gameplay, they are still simple, quick and fun, as they should be.

Gaming Variety

On the Game Karma website, you can find everything you need from a browser gaming platform and more. Some categories are more general, and the others are so specific that you will definitely find a perfect game just for you. Here are some popular categories on the website:

  • Games for girls – girls love gaming as much as boys but they tend to enjoy some specific types of games, such as dress-up, makeup, cooking, caring for pets, etc.;
  • Games for boys – these are the games packed with action, cars, fighting, racing, and more;
  • Puzzles – from jigsaw puzzles to challenging mini-games that require all your wit, there are many games to choose from;
  • Multiplayer – games are fun but playing them with friends is even better. There are options for two and more players.

These are just some of the most popular categories, but the possibilities are endless.


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