Patanjali Opens it’s 1st Restaurant (Postik) in Chandigarh | Know Location, Menu & Price

Chandigarh now has Postik, the first ever Patanjali restaurant by Baba Ramdev. Chandigarh has become the first city in the world to have a restaurant by Patanjali. It is a pure-veg restaurant. Scroll down to read more about Postik Chandigarh, know its location and read about menu.

Patanjali after creating huge waves in the Indian market especially in Chandigarh, with its genuine products in every arena has taken a step further to launch this food chain restaurant ‘Postik’ in city beautiful. The all-vegetarian restaurant ‘Postik’ is located in Chandigarh to serve the fitness freak residents of the city with “Postik-as in Nutritious” delicacies.

Postik Patanjali Restaurant in Chandigarh

Postik has been launched in Chandigarh to cater to the health conscious residents of the city beautiful. The yoga guru “Baba Ramdev” has set his footsteps in Chandigarh as the city has highest number of health conscious people.

Located in Hotel Indiano at Kalghider Encalve, Baltana, Zirakpur the restaurant is surely going to give a stiff competition to the “Sophisticated” food chains in and around the city. Taking care of the fact, Patanjali in Chandigarh has come up with one-of-its kinds initiative of introducing the health kitchen as a way to serve the targeted population with ‘Nothing but the best.’

Postik Chandigarh Menu

The menu of Postik is not limited to what you may perceive as “Bore health food” of salads, juices, detox, water, blahh and blahh. Terming their snacks as postik i.e. nutritious, they do make your favourite honey chilli and fries and platters and what not. Surprisingly true!

Here’s a list of what ‘Postik’ in Chandigarh has to offer:

  • Chinese delicacies like Honey Chilli, Cheese Chilly, Finger fries,…. and list goes on
  • Tandoori snacks like Paneer Tikkas, Veg kebabs, platters, etc.
  • Other ‘never heard before’ snacks like lauki ke kebab, methi malai seekh, tandoori soya, like what?

True, the menu makes us drool over the names already. It’s hard to resist them and definitely needs a visit.

Price Range of Postik Chandigarh

Directors of Postik Restaurant Private Limited, Rajpal Singh and Jaspal Singh Sembhi are the pioneers to bring in the concept under the banner of ‘Patanjali’ which has already taken the entire nation by storm. ‘Postik’ in Chandigarh brings forth an authentic menu of North Indian cuisine with a health factor added to do away your woes of eating out.

  • Nominally priced snacks and food items is another factor that draws our attention.
  • Their price range varies from INR 130 to INR 250 bucks, and surely you won’t mind shelling out for the variety of food they offer.
  • Good food, varied menu and pocket-friendly prices, what else do we as Chandigarhians need? Nothing more and definitely Nothing less !!!

The term ‘POSTIK’ is a Hindi language word which means “Nutrition” which we all lack in our lives these days. The driving force to bring the same health levels in terms of mental health and physical well-being back into the system, the move is highly welcomed by all. For those who care, about their health, about food, nutrition, well-being etc, in a world full of stress, the restaurant is nothing fancy but caters to your daily health needs in terms of diet. So when you forget your lunch box home while off to work, give them a call to deliver “steaming hot food” in a dabba full of health.

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