Power Sportz Ends FY 2020/21 on a High Note, 2020 Was the Biggest Test, Says Kanthi D Suresh

Power Sportz, India’s only dedicated live 24×7 Sports news channel ends the most difficult year, with positivity. The performance of the channel on a digital platform is a clear indication of the growth of OTT and the paradigm shift in the way infotainment is being consumed.

Digital ad spends leads in the APAC region, with the pandemic accelerating the region’s digital share of ad spend accounting for 55.7% share in 2020, higher than the global average of 48%

In an exclusive chat with Ms Kanthi D Suresh, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Power Sportz.

A) PS seems to be piggy riding on the digital wave which is sweeping the World and being accelerated by Covid 19

Yes, though, ideally, Covid should not have been the reason for the same, the fact is, it has now forced and hence habituated the common man to feel safe going digital, whether it is attending an office meeting, ordering food, social interaction or consuming infotainment. This forced behaviour has resulted in platforms like ours having more traction. It seems like the way forward even post the Covid scenario

B) India witnessed a sharp drop in the total number of tech start-ups in 2020, 12% have shut shop, 70% adversely hit

I’m sure, and I think 2020 was the biggest test that any startup has been put through. And if the startup has pulled through this test, it’s well on its way to growth and success. It couldn’t have got tougher than what it was. But, let’s also take note of the fact that 2020 saw 12 Unicorn startups emerge!!!

C) In some of your previous interviews, you have stressed Woman founders not having it easy to convince investors about a Woman run business. Could the pandemic be making it more difficult

No, that is nothing to do with the pandemic. If an investor is apprehensive about Women-led businesses, that’s just the way he is!!! Having said that, I have been interacting with many Venture Funds during the past few weeks and I must say, the experience has been pleasant and warm. Our Series A investment rounds is going as per plan. But, yes, it will be good to see more women in the field of finance My interaction till date has been only with men in the funding space.

D) PS is now looking at expanding to the Middle Eastern region. Any particular reason for the same and what is the status on the plan?

We have built a great product with the introduction of our league division. A product that is capable of hosting and Live broadcasting leagues across different sports and from different geographies, viewed globally. With an end to end product like that, the World is our market. The reason we are looking at the GCC region is because of their current focus on growing Sports, whether it’s UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, their 2030 vision plan has Sports as a very important component. We are making good progress here and are working on our set up plan in these regions

E) What’s the plan ahead in the new financial year and how does it fit in with the overall plan of Power Sportz as a Sports Channel.

We have always been clear with our basics. It’s about identifying gaps in the Sporting ecosystem, create original content to fill the gaps, satisfy an unfulfilled demand, and grow in the process. These basics remain the same, whether it’s growing our news segment or the league division. And in the process of executing the above, we wish to also satisfy our stakeholders by achieving a Unicorn Status in the years to come.!!!


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