Prateek Tirthani Will Work With Bollywood Actor in His Upcoming Travel Web Series

Prateek, one of India’s famous travel blogger who runs @hikewithpk on Instagram along with community page of @visionofpictures is all set to work with a renowned Bollywood actor and director for an upcoming web series that will showcase the rich treasuries of India’s travel culture.

Named “Unexplored Indian Valleys”, it is scheduled to launch in the summer season of 2020. This series will have two seasons of five episodes each, covering the culture of small villages in the mountains. It is scheduled to start shooting by the end of September.

This will be the first of its kind web series that has a collaboration of a Bollywood actor and a travel blogger, aimed to bring in focus the unexplored places and beauty there which our country has.

Prateek says, “The web series format has become the new favorite, especially among youth. As visual representation is a new method of storytelling which is in everyone’s reach. After exploring the places where people haven’t focused yet, he wants to show new visuals of unexplored places and culture to Indian people and to the world. Through this web series, we will be able to show the rich culture and beautiful destinations which were hidden yet.


Ajay Deep

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