10 Lakh Pre-Paid Meters Purchased For Installation in Haryana | Smart Power Meters Coming Soon

With many ongoing changes in the Haryana now the power meters are going to go on pre-paid mode. According to the media reports, the Haryana power utilities have been working on a plan to install the pre-paid electricity meter at the houses all across the state. This is one of the new procedure that the government is going to test to reduce the public effort.

10 Lakh Smart Power Meters To Be installed in Haryana 

According to the sources, the new pre-paid power meter is going to be installed throughout Haryana. The government plans to install these pre-paid power meters within the time duration of 2 years and through this system, people will be able to consume the power in accordance with the payment they process.

With these new meters coming up in Haryana, residents can now deposit the amount and can use the power as per the amount pre-paid by an individual. With these new upcoming meters, Haryana residents will now be able to shut their meters down whenever they want. This new system of electricity supply will also reduce the extra cost that one has to pay while clearing the electricity bill via online medium.

Also, with this new technology coming up, if there is no usage of the power in any case then the recharge amount one deposited will remain in their account and the recharge will be carried on according to the pattern of the pre-paid mobile.

As per the announcement in Sirsa this Thursday, the director of Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited [HPGCL] disclosed that 10 Lakh pre-paid power meters have already been purchased and these meters will be installed across Haryana by the time duration of 2 years. The government will soon be giving away the project of installation of these meters to the agency. According to the government authorities, every house in Haryana will be complete within the time duration of 2 years. These smart meters will help everyone to grip on the new system of technology. This will ease the process of electricity bill payments etc.

Source – TOI


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