PrepAway Launches Over 1000 IT Certification Exam Questions And Video Courses Microsoft Certifications SQL Server 70-461 70-462 70-463 70-761 Pass4sure is an online platform that offers free IT exam questions and answers for all vendors. It releases questions for the major certifications, such as Network+, CCNP, MCSA, A+, CCIE, CCNA, MCSE, Security+, and so on.

Most exams from CompTIA, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, ITIL, Cisco, ISC, and other vendors are usually very challenging. If you are looking to develop your career path, you have to pass these certification tests. This task requires proper preparation because these IT exams are not easy to pass.

When you are studying for any IT certification test, it’s advisable that you look for every asset or tool that can be beneficial to you. In most cases, the best place to find useful resources for your preparation is usually the official exam website. Another thing that you need to do is find a good platform where sample questions and braindumps are available. For example, PrepAwayis one of the best training websites where you will find everything you need to adequately prepare for your IT certification test and pass it with flying colors at the first attempt.

The official study guide is among the tools that you can use when getting ready for your exam. It helps you develop a good understanding of the subject matter. While it’s important to learn the materials for the upcoming exam, it is also vital to know the manner in which the questions will be presented. This will help you stay confident when you are walking into the test room because you will already know what to expect. In other words, exam questions are extremely important for any IT professional who wants to pass the test from a wide range of vendors.

Where can you get authentic IT exam questions?

If you are wondering where to get the real question for your IT course, then you should look no further as PrepAway is your best choice.No matter what exam questions you are looking for and from what IT vendor they come, this site has everything you need. There are so many reasons why test takers should use practice questions from PrepAway. Here are just but a few of those reasons:

  • The questions are free of charge

Preparing for an IT certification test doesn’t have to be costly. Instead of spending a lot of money on other websites just to get the questions, you can simply download them from PrepAway for free. Of course, free things are sometimes not as useful as the ones you have to pay for. However, this is not the case with the questions you will find on this website. In fact, they are the most useful questions you can ever find on any online exam preparation platform. No wonder why most IT professionals seeking to earn upgraded certifications in their field of work usually get their practice questions from PrepAway.

  • The questions are constantly updated

The questions are regularly updated to include any information that may have been added by the certification vendors. This ensures that the tests you get from this website are up-to-date, relevant, and identical to what you will find in the actual test.

Remember that IT certification exams are frequently changing to include new information on the subject matter and to take the new regulations into account. Revising the questions that were released 5 years ago may not be helpful, as they will not include the most recent changes.

  • Detailed answers

Every question on this site has an answer that is explained in a detailed manner. You will rarely need more information or clarification about the questions and their answers. This makes your work easier because you won’t have to run up and down from one library to another, or browse the Internet continuously in a search for the answers or more clarification. The explanation to the test answers is also clear, brief, and to the point.

  • The site includes questions for all IT vendors

PrepAway is like a one-stop shop where you can find everything you need to successfully complete your preparation. Here you will find IT exam questions and answers for all vendors.

Benefits of exam questions

Practice questions are among the most important tools you should include in your exam preparation plan. Without much ado, let us take a look at some of the main benefits of certification questions that Prepaway Test releases for IT students and experts who want to gain new skills in the field:

  • They familiarize you with the structure of the real exam.

PrepAway releases questions that resemble the ones found in the actual exam. By revising them on this site, you are familiarizing yourself with the exact types of questions that will be found in the test you are preparing to take. This way, you will be more confident when writing the test.

  • They help you asses yourself.

Irrespective of how experienced you are in your field of IT, or how much you have studied for the exams, the only way to know whether you are good enough to ace the test is to assess yourself. Well, this is where the questions released by PrepAway come in. Take these questions and check the time you spend on answering them. Try to provide the answers to all exam questions to check your abilities and see how you perform.

This will help you know your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to know the areas you still need to focus on. Take the questions repeatedly until you make no mistakes.

  • They teach you how to frame your answers.

PrepAway releases questions that represent the format, content coverage, and length of the actual exam. The answers to these questions are framed the same way that you will be expected to use during your test. You will also know how final marks are allocated. This will help you avoid any possible mistakes on the exam day.


PrepAway releases questions for all IT vendors to help its visitors prepare adequately for their certification exams. The questions are available for free and easily accessible online. Furthermore, the website provides you with immediate feedback after each completed practice test and explains the correct answers with underlying principles. If you want to ace your certification exam with confidence, then include these valuable tools in your preparation schedule.


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