Chandigarh | Buying Basic Food Items Like Onion & Tomato Turning into Luxury

According to the latest media reports and news flashes, it has come to light that the budget of a household in Chandigarh is going to be hit hard with the increased rates of Onion and Tomato in the market. As per the recent news, the price of these staple items like onion and tomato has spiked in Chandigarh, disturbing the budget of every household.

Where the rates of Tomatoes have doubled, there the onion is now going to be sold on double price too. This has come as a disappointment among Chandigarh residents. As per some of the news reports, there are many of lower middle class and striving families in Chandigarh who has shown resentment regarding the increased prices of the staple food items. The reason for the increase in prices of these two staple food items including Onion and Tomato is the perpetual rains in the areas growing these items.

Buying the Staple Food Items in Chandigarh now Becomes a Luxury

The prices of Tomato have been touching sky from past few months. With the continuous increase in the prices of Tomato in Chandigarh, there has been quite a fuss that is spreading among the residents of the city. Earlier the price of the Tomatoes in Chandigarh spiked to Rs. 35-40 per Kg and now it has been selling at Rs. 80-100 per Kg in the market of Chandigarh. Also, Onion that was selling at Rs. 30 per Kg is now getting sold at Rs. 45 per Kg in the market.

Also as per the media reports and according to some trusted sources, the prices of Onion are still going to rise. These increasing price of the basic food items is testing the patience of Chandigarh residents. There are many families who have stopped using these two basic food items. These high prices of these two items are becoming a major issue in Chandigarh. Not only Onion and Tomato, but the prices of Green Peas have gone higher ar Rs. 100 – Rs. 120 per Kg.

The rising price of these two basic food items is becoming a major issue in Chandigarh and authorities must do something regarding this.

Source – Hindustan Times 


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