Primary Factors To Consider While Selecting Floor Tiles For Your Living Room

Thinking of revamping your living room completely? Don’t know where to start from? Fret not! Every area in a house is a reflection of your personal style and the requirement of the space. For the same, you need a solid flooring that stands true to the expectations. Durable and long-lasting floor tiles are an easy sell as you need something that will withstand the constant foot traffic and provide a stunning aesthetic. You can instantly change the appearance of the living room space with the right choice of tiles. Here are some factors that will help you choose the right floor tiles for your living room


When it comes to the living room floor tiles, size does matter. For more compact spaces, you can opt for larger size of tiles which gives you an optical illusion of the space being bigger. If you have the luxury of a large living room, you must look for tiles that are large in size as well. So, those in sizes of 1200×1200 mm, 1200×800, 800×800 mm are some of the ranges that you can opt for. 


Tiles are not just to give your living room an aesthetic lift, they also need to be functional. By that, the appropriate floor tiles are those that not only give you the desired visual appearance but they also are an ideal match for the kind of durability and longevity you are looking for. Having said that, each space will need a different kind of functionality. For instance, it is okay to not choose a germ-free or anti-skid tiles for the living room but you can definitely go for them in a bathroom or a kitchen. So, you need to choose accordingly. 

Finish and Material

Before zeroing on the floor tile you are looking for, do not forget to consider finishes and the materials they are made of. You will get diverse finishes like matte, glossy, super glossy, glazed and unglazed in finishes, and materials might include anything from porcelain, vitrified, book match, endless vein, granite, marble and so on. The finishes add a distinctive style to the space they are installed in. Living rooms and entertainment areas can be better benefitted with a glossy finish while you can choose matte finishes for a rustic, more sturdy flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and so on. 


Colour is probably the first aspect one looks at while buying literally anything. However, it is more crucial when it comes to tile purchasing as you do not install floor tiles every so often. Hence, you need to be doubly sure about what you are going with. The various colours that will suit any and most living rooms are white, beige, blue, wood look tiles, as well as cream and ivory for those who like lighter shades. In darker shades, you can go for green, black, and maroon. 

Durability and Maintenance 

Two of the top reasons why floor tiles are so popular over natural stone or hardwood flooring is the easy maintenance and durability. Once you install floor tiles, you will not look back at reinstalling them for a good number of years depending on the usage and foot traffic. Even otherwise, tiles are a much safer and cheaper option as compared to other traditional flooring options. A wet cloth and a mild surface cleaner is all you will need to clean the floor tiles everyday. 

Look and Appearance

When going for a suitable flooring tile, you will obviously look at the visual appearance of the tiles first. That will set the tone and mood of the living room. You do not want to choose a tile that won’t complement your living room as well as your personality. You can choose from the digital, vitrified, glossy or semi-glossy finishes that are tailor-made for spaces like living rooms which will elevate the space visually. Even when it comes to designs you have a variety to choose from. Endless vein or wood look, salt and pepper patterns are again very popular and subtle if you are going for a minimalistic look. 

Choosing the right floor tiles for your living room can be daunting. But if purchased with knowledge and from the right place, it can transform your living room. You can opt for tile-visualisation tools online that allow you to visualize a tile of your liking by uploading a picture of your space and seeing how the tile looks in that space. This can empower you to make the right choice and creates a more satisfying tile-buying experience in Chandigarh.


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