Professional Magnet starts his new hip hop podcast channel, people love it in a short span

Professional Magnet, the popular YouTuber has opened his new hip hop podcast channel. It is just one month left he has started the channel but in this short period, he has got 18000 subscribers. Within this little time, this guy has already famous in the podcast genre.

The name of his channel is ‘OVER THE WAVES’. The first episode was filmed with Bella who was the winner of INDIA’s first hip-hop reality show. Besides Raaj Jones, Lxsh, Rob C, and Nazz also came on the channel as a guest. Fans are eagerly waiting for Professional Magnet to upload his new videos. As his other reaction channel, he also gets the success in this new journey.

Already 10 videos have been uploaded to the channel. One of them is a review video of a rap song. The viewer’s number is also high in every video. From the number of like it is known that people give him love and support. If you are a rap lover then don’t miss any video. Do subscribe and get the notification when Magnet will upload his new video.

Nowadays, the podcast is one of the popular programs in India. Many renowned print media, already opened their podcast channel. It is the best way to connect with the artist. Through podcast insights into the writing process of the artist. That’s why Professional Magnet opened the channel for hip hop lovers to connect the people with the music closely. For making his videos more attractive there are also freestyles by rappers in his podcast videos.

Professional Magnet has also a hip-hop reaction channel. He has completed 120k subscribers in just 2 years. He is one of the fastest emerging hip-hop influencers in India. His original name is Sahil but he is popular with the name Professional Magnet for his youtube channel.

During the Covid pandemic, the guy opened his first channel. As a hip-hop music lover, he opened the channel regarding this genre. He has worked with many popular rappers. As a young person, he is well known for the desire and love of this young generation who are the biggest fan of hip-hop music. That’s why youth can connect their minds with Professional Magnet’s concept which gives him popularity at first.


Ajay Deep

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