PropheC and Jagtar Dulai’s New Punjabi Song Ariye is What Good Music Sounds Like | Official Video

If we were to answer the question “Who is your favourite Punjabi artist?” we would shout back PropheC in an instant. That is the impression each of his songs has left us. With his new Punjabi song ‘Ariye’ with Jagtar Dulai he has just made our love for him stronger. Ariye is not your average Punjabi song and might not hit the right cord with everyone. What it is is however, PropheC’s take on the loss of a loved one. He along with Jagtar Dulai leaves one with haunting memories via his song ‘Ariye’. The song is available to download here.

Jagtar Dulai and PropheC team up for Ariye to deliver good music.

The new Punjabi song by Jagtar Dulai is another PropheC musical where he delivers another good composition. We have already become huge fans of the violin break track that runs throughout the length of Ariye. The lyrics are also penned by PropheC and they will definitely take a hit on all your bottled up emotions. Coming to the vocals from Jagtar Dulai, he does a very tricky job and singing within his limitations. The vocals are pretty laid out and never hit a high note which is a clever but good thing.

Jagtar Dulai’s new Punjabi song ‘Ariye’ might not be PropheC’s best work but it isn’t a bad song either. Its just that we have come to expect a whole another level of emotions from his songs. Jagtar Dulai’s Ariye might hit the right cord with someone who is going through a tough time but it is no ‘Rumour’, ‘Dil Morh De’ or even something like ‘Next (refix)’ which are definitely PropheC’s best works.

Ariye’s video is directed by Baljit Singh Deo and connects with the song well.

PropheC and Jagtar Duali’s new Punjabi song Ariye is accompanied by a visual treat from Baljit Singh Deo. The video which never tries to be something it does not manage to hold its own and connects to the song well. It stars Jagtar Dulai himself who is seen struggling to cope up with the loss of a loved one. PropheC never shows up in the video in Baljit’s video of the song Ariye. Watch the full video below:


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