PS4 Glacier White Slim to Launch in India Next Week | Check Price & Other Details

After the US launch, the Glacier White PS4 Slim is going to be Launched in India. India is all set to get another variant of the gaming console the P Slim. According to reports, Sony India is going to release this much-anticipated gaming box – the Glacier White PS4 Slim 500GB console in India.

Coloured game consoles

The coloured gaming consoles have been launched across the world some time back but it for the longest time that the coloured console were not launched in India. Authorised seller, Sony India has stayed away from the coloured gaming consoles for the longest period as compared to other countries. The Glacier White PS4 Slim is being launched extremely late. This is for the longest time in the PS3’s lifecycle. Since its inception, while the PS4 is available in several colour options, it will be for the first time that the company has taken the decision to release the PS4 in a coloured option. Well, this colour is not at all black!

Price of the Glacier White PS4 Slim in India

According to reports, the Glacier White PS4 Slim which is going to be launched in India in next week will be priced at Rs. 27,990. Glacier White PS4 Slim will be available in India from next week. The Glacier White PS4 Slim will come as a single unit and no games or PS Plus subscriptions will be included with the product. The PS Plus subscription as well games will have to be bought along with Glacier White PS4 Slim.

Point to ponder while buying Glacier White PS4 Slim

It is worth mentioning here that there will be no freebies along with the purchase of Glacier White PS4 Slim. Those who were expecting some freebies will have to shell out money from their own pocket. It is believed that Sony has come to cost saving mode by not including any games as a clubbed offer with the purchase of Glacier White PS4 Slim. Point to ponder here is Rs. 27,990 gets you a PS4 with two controllers whereas you have the option to go for a PS4 with Horizon Zero Dawn. Shell out Rs. 1,000 more from your pocket and you will easily get Horizon Zero Dawn, Driveclub, Ratchet and Clank and three months of PS Plus along with a PS4.

Source : NDTV


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