PTE Coaching: How to prepare for your PTE Academic test?

You cannot think of attempting any exam without preparing for it. It’s the primary and main key that would take you to the success. Especially for the competitive exams or tests like PTE, IELTS, etc., you not only require to know the syllabus but also the particular format of the test in order to prevent confusion and the situation of falling into nervousness. Read on this article to know how to get yourself prepared for the PTE academic test.

To appear in the test like Pearson Testing of English (PTE), you need to do a rigorous and apt level of practise in academic English. First of all you’re suppose to choose the best PTE coaching institute in Chandigarh. Only the right type of institute is capable of giving the right standard of knowledge on the subject. Although you get ample amount of study materials from the internet itself but the institutes will teach the tips and tricks to rightly use it and attempt the test as well. Do not forget to follow along the digital and print form of material that Pearson publishes, that will help you in improving your English skills.

Here are some of the suggested resources to polish your skills in English language. Let’s check it

  • The candidates should be essentially aware of standard structure of the test plus the idea of answering the questions that are been asked, should be known.
  • Practice at least 20 questions per day using the given tips and tricks taught by your mentor or by the institution.
  • Identify the portions you are weaker at, practise it as many times as you can!
  • Practice as you’re attempting the real test under strict deadline.
  • Get prepared physically and mentally. Gain the confidence to crack the test with good band.

Note the key tips and tricks to get through each module:


Speaking Test

  1. Concentrate on your task, don’t worry about the time as it will be duly managed by the computer itself;
  2. Be sure to speak up at a very normal pitch and pace;
  3. Don’t care for the errors you just made. Keep going, because if you get stressed out for the small mistakes you will end up in making the major one.

Writing Test:

  1. You get a total of 30 minutes to complete this test, 20 minutes to write and 10 minutes for summarizing;
  2. Follow the instructions, don’t exceed the word limit or you will lose marks. Summarizing should carry 5-75 while essay should have 2-3 hundred words.

Reading Test:

  1. Learn time management for this test. The total time that you get to attempt this module is 32-41 minutes;
  2. Maximum time should be given to MCQ (objective types). The Multiple Choice Questions are the most challenging part of the test.

Listening Test:

  1. In this test you’re required to be smart enough to jot down the writing part with pencil;
  2. You don’t get much time to do correction/checking. Therefore, be spontaneous, tick down the answers as quickly as possible;
  3. Do NOT devote much time on MCQ. Move on, faster!

For any further info, you may get in touch with expert trainers at British IELTS & PTE Coaching Centre, Sector 34, Chandigarh.

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