PU Chandigarh Becomes No Vehicle Zone | Bans Vehicles Inside Campus From June

Panjab University (Chandigarh) has now rolled out a decision to turn the campus as no vehicle zone from June 2018. Year after the Syndicate approved the decision of making the campus a vehicle-free zone, PU has finally banned vehicles from June 1, 2018. As it can be said that from the new academic session, no student vehicle will be allowed to enter the PU campus.

Nowadays, students have been seen on the campus riding their vehicle & honking. To stop all this in an educational area in Chandigarh, PU has initiated a step & soon will be rolled all around Punjab & Tricity. The violators of the rule will also be fined accordingly. Check out more details regarding the no vehicle zone & fine for the same at PU Chandigarh.

PU Chandigarh to Turn into No Vehicle Zone from June 2018

After 1 year of the approval by the Syndicate regarding the No Vehicle zone, PU has been finally all set to adopt the policy from the new session. Along with the students, outsiders will also be banned to take their vehicle inside the academic area of PU in Chandigarh. Even the teaching & non-teaching staff vehicle will be provided with a sticker to make an entry in the no-vehicle zone. The vehicle of teaching & non-teaching staff without the stickers will also not be allowed to enter the PU Campus from 1 June 2018.

Along with the vehicle restriction in the PU Campus, Chairperson has also appealed the young staff members to encourage cycling in the campus. Whereas even the students can take their bicycle or can ride by an e-rickshaw inside the PU Campus in Chandigarh.

The New Vehicle Free Zone Policy & Fines for Students in PU

As the decisions have been rolled out for the No-vehicle for all the students inside the PU Campus, the authorities have also imposed fines for the violators of the rule. In 2017 only, Syndicate after approving the policy has also ordered to collect fines for the offence like- Speeding, parking at the non-parking area, vehicles without stickers, honking horns & use of bikes without mufflers. Any of the people inside the campus caught violating the rule will be charged Rs. 100 as fine in PU (Chandigarh).

So now no Gedi in PU Chandigarh & even ‘bullet de patakhe v band’.

Source: TOI


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