PU, Chandigarh to Appoint Cleanliness In-Charge in Every Building

Making sure that the Punjab University Campus in Chandigarh thrives ahead in cleanliness, PU is planning to hire Cleanliness in-charges for every building in it. The basic purpose behind this idea is to have a designated head of cleanliness in every nook and corner including academic and administrative buildings of university ensuring the clean environment.

Duties of the cleanliness in-charges in PU | Chandigarh

With the hiring of the cleanliness in-charges for every building the role of the in-charge has also been specified. The in-charge will be responsible to keep a note on the hygiene of the washrooms, sweeping of the floors and overall cleanliness and hygiene of the building.

  • Regular sweeping of the floors must be conducted
  • Washrooms must be clean and hygienic
  • Will hold the entire team of sweepers and cleaners.
  • Ensures ample dustbins are available in the building or not.

University sources said that, currently there is no one who is taking the responsibility of cleanliness in the building and the scenario of cleanliness was getting worse day-by-day. This being the reason, the new appointed staff and head in cleanliness department in PU, Chandigarh will ensure the place remains clean and hygienic. The cleanliness-head designations will be given amongst the teachers of the academic staff for academic departments and will be periodically changed.

Challenges in the Swach PU Abhiyan in Chandigarh

All this being set, the major task among all these is to maintain the hygiene of the hostels and its washroom to be specific. Another problem that is upfront with the PU staff in Chandigarh is the waste disposal. After cleanliness the major concerning issue remains of the waste disposal. Currently, you can see the heaps of garbage piling on in the corners of the university making the place unhygienic and unhealthy. This indicates the poor disposal systems in the university. Although the university has installed the system of Green and Blue dustbins for Wet and Dry Garbage respectively, still the challenge of its implementation remains intact.

Another Challenge that is a concern for the cleanliness department of the PU university in Chandigarh is during the student elections as, it is the time when the roads are covered by litter. It has become vital now, to ban or implement a fine system in the university for littering on the roads during elections.

With the UGC order in 2014, to keep the campus clean, PU based in Chandigarh has been trying the same till date. With the 40 Lakh of funds for implementation of “Swach bharat Abhiyaan” has been allocated to PU, Chandigarh for the last financial year.

Source: Tribune

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