7 Things Only a Student of ‘PU Chandigarh’ Will Understand

Swanky cars? Check

Handlebar mustaches? Check

Fashion at the top? Check

Welcome to Panjab University!

For almost every student in Punjab, PU is heaven on earth. Interestingly, not everyone will understand what the craze is all about unless one becomes a part of the same. Life at Panjab University is substantively distinct. In fact, I call it as a way of life!

Apart from ranking as the No. 1 University all over the country for a second consecutive time, the university is known for its students, faculty, food, hostels and its overall ambience. Only a human living under a rock would not know the kind of towering personalities who constitute the alumni of this university.

Not so surprisingly, people from all over the world seek admission here into a variety of courses. Panjab University has something to offer for everybody who steps in here.

Why not know 7 major things that only a PU student would understand?

PU Elections

Come August-September and it is raining posters, stickers and manifestos. The student council election is one of the most important events of the year. In fact, the preparation to grab the seat of the President starts months before the actual date of election. Days prior to the voting day, you will see cars that you might not find in the entire city for the rest of the year, used to attract the voter’s attention. Oh and did we mention crisp white kurta pajamas? Well, that is supposed to be counted as an insignia of a politician. Students specially get their kurta pajamas stitches from places like Abohar and Muktsar so they don’t falter when it comes to making a style statement.

From big names in politics to the last minute canvassing, the election is an event every student at PU awaits eagerly for. You never know which student leader might make it big on a bigger political stage, later in life!

Kundian Muchhan

You could call them low on their outfit but you DARE NOT speak ill about a PU student’s mustache. You could easily spot a Gabru sporting kundian muchhan at every nook and corner of the university. Trust me on this, girls fall for this manly avatar. A well tied turban with handlebar mustaches is a deal clinching combination. For boys at PU, muchh bina kuch nahi! Well, a man without hair is no man!

Law Department

Are you searching for a place where you could find beauty with brains? The Department of Laws is you answer. Probably one of the oldest departments of the university, this place has produced some of the finest minds of the country. Even bureaucrats and other officers come to grab knowledge about the law. You could very well see a blend of fashion and knowledge here every morning and evening. The law department is always beaming with smiling faces, most of them donning the black and white outfit. This department is also an active one when it comes to choosing candidates for student elections.


Food is love. And if it as tasty and cheap as it is at Students Centre at PU, one wouldn’t spare a moment to savor his taste buds. You ask an ex PU student and he will tell you that he still comes to tease his taste buds at the same place, even after so many years of graduation. Students, couples, working people, StuC has so much to offer that it has only seen a rise in its consumer base. Be it shakes, sandwiches, thalis, or cholle bhature, you will never regret having food here. The food served here is prepared afresh each day. Hygiene is of prime importance here at the centre. There has never been a time when StuC has not been crowded. It’s a place where people come to take a break from the monotony of life.

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Hostel life

For students who come from far off places for better educational opportunities, they find family in their hostel mates. The hostel life at PU is what all people remember once they set out to follow their career goals. Perhaps, the most amazing food you would find anywhere is the hostels. Every hostel is equipped with state of the art facilities. The environment in and around is good too.

High end cars

If it isn’t about flaunting, it isn’t PU. You won’t require a special occasion to spot high end cars with VIP registration numbers making rounds of the campus. Girls and boys dressed in their best of attires are devout gedi route travelers. These vehicles add that required pinch of glamour and charm in the university life.

Cultural activities

Punjab, it is believed, has a talent in every house. Take a visit to PU and you will realize that the number of singers and actors exceed your expectations. The university, as its utmost endeavor, keeps organizing several fests and events wherein celebrated artists join in to add to the fun and frolic. You could also witness the talent of the students at the yearly youth festivals where students sweat out to win the cover trophy for the best team, be it Bhangra or theatre activities like street play.

All in all, life at Panjab University is something only a PU student will understand well. It’s a perfect blend of knowledge and leisure. Offering some of the most reputed courses, it is every student’s dream to be associated with the place. I am sure you will leave the place with truckloads of memories and an experience of a lifetime.


Gagandeep Singh

Gagandeep Singh is pursuing his degree in Law from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is a passionate speaker and has a flair for writing. He accredits his inquisitiveness as his driving force. With a zest in his heart and a spark in his soul, he is here to keep the readers abreast with almost everything that catches his eye. Gagandeep can be reached at hello@chandigarhmetro.com
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