PU Election Result 2016 | Winning Candidates, Parties & Vote Details

PU Elections is one such annual event that happens in Chandigarh which involving the entire student community of the city. PU Elections 2016 were no different. In fact, 2016 elections at PU saw a voter turn-out of 67% which is 10% higher than the previous year.

It is not just Punjab University campus where a Students Council is elected through votes, but the same happens at all colleges of Chandigarh that come under Panjab University. PU Election 2016 was held on the 7th of September where students of respective colleges exercised their vote to elect the council which constitutes of 4 positions namely President, Vice President, Secretary and Joint Secretary.

PU Election 2016 saw 10,289 votes polled out of a total of 15,202.

PU Election Result 2016

Here’s a list of elected candidates from each college as per the PU Election Result 2016.

  • Panjab University

President = Nishant Kaushal (PUSU).

Vice President = Avneet Kaur (PUSU).

Secretary = Ashiq Mohammad (NSUI-SF).

Joint Secretary = Amit Kaushik (NSUI-SF).

  • SD College, Sector 32

President = Iqbalpreet Singh (SOI-INSO-GGSU).

Vice President = Manpreet Kaur (SOI-INSO-GGSU).

Secretary = Harpreet Singh (SOI-INSO-GGSU).

Joint Secretary = Arush Dev (SOI-INSO-GGSU).

  • Post Graduate Govt. College, Sector 11

President = Gurmeet Kaur (SOI-PUSU-GGSU-SOPU-JACP).

Vice President = Kanishk Khana (SOI-PUSU-GGSU-SOPU-JACP).

Secretary = Akashdeep (SOI-PUSU-GGSU-SOPU-JACP).

Joint Secretary = Harinder Singh (SOI-PUSU-GGSU-SOPU-JACP).

  • Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls (GCG), Sector 11

President = Goldy Negi.

Vice President = Ridhi Sharma.

Secretary = Stuti Sharma

Joint Secretary = -Nil-

  • Post Graduate Govt. College, Sector 46

President = Akshay Dhiman (SPOU-HSA).

Vice President = Avinash (SOI).

Secretary = Megha Sharma (ABVP).

Joint Secretary = Gautam (SOI).

  • Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector 42

President = Paramjeet Kaur.

Vice President = Aditi Mehra.

Secretary = Nikita Verma.

Joint Secretary = Gurveen Kaur.

  • DAV College, Sector 10

President = Mohit (INSO-GGSU-HSO).

Vice President = Amandeep Kaur (INSO-GGSU-HSO).

Secretary = Sajal Kamboj (ABVP-ISA).

Joint Secretary = Raman Bholta (ABVP-ISA).

  • MCM DAV College, Sector 36

President = Harmanpreet Kaur.

Vice President = Arpana Gill.

Secretary = Himani Sharma.

Joint Secretary = Nisha Mann.

  • Dev Samaj College for Women, Sector 45

President = Yashika Goyal.

Vice President = Sakshi Naik.

Secretary = Shivani Midda.

Joint Secretary = Nupur Taprija.

  • SGGS, Khalsa College, Sector 26

President = Satnam Singh (KCSU-GGSU-SOPU).

Vice President = Kanika Arora (KCSU-GGSU-SOPU).

Secretary = Anil Kumar (KCSU-GGSU-SOPU).

Joint Secretary = Rupinder Singh (KCSU-GGSU-SOPU).

  • SGGSW, Khalsa College for Women, Sector 26

President = Swati Bhalla.

Vice President = Pratibha.

Secretary = Pallavi.

Joint Secretary = Jigyasa.

  • GCCBA, Sector 50

President = Chinmay Batra (SOI-ABVP).

Vice President = Rahul Jha (SOI-ABVP).

Secretary = Kartik Malik (SOI-ABVP).

Joint Secretary = Supreet (SOI-ABVP).

At the main level in Panjab University campus, it is PUSU alliance which has come as an elected party after 5 years. Punjab University campus student council elections 2016 saw a new party SFS (Student for Society) which gave a tough competition to PUSU for the president post.

The PU election result started to come out from various colleges as soon as 4:30 PM but it was around 9:00 PM that the counting of votes came to an end and the results for all 4 posts for Panjab University were declared. The counting of votes has begun at 2:30 PM. The PU election result 2016 has been a mixed bag with various party alliance celebrating their success on a whole.

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