PU (Panjab University) Gives Nod to Provide Separate Hostel for Transgender Student | What a great Step !

Panjab University (Chandigarh) is all set to take one more step for the transgender students by providing them with a separate hostel facility. As the PU has given a nod to the proposal of providing separate facilities to its transgender students. Even the transgender students of Panjab University in Chandigarh will be issued freeship with the help of social welfare department or NGOs.

In 2016, Dhananjay Chauhan took admission in PU, Chandigarh & became the first transgender student. Dhananjay was admitted to the centre of human rights & duties in the University. And after that, PU authorities eyed on making their campus a transgender friendly one.

And the first step of PU (Chandigarh) to provide hostel facility to Transgender students

In the month of September, PU committee had a meeting and recommended the number of facilities for the transgender students. And even Panjab University (Chandigarh) has also asked funds from the social welfare department (UT Administration) to provide separate infrastructure facilities for the transgender students. And the UT administration’s Social welfare department has ordered PU to take care of the needs of the transgender students.

Also, the Panjab University has been in talks with many NGOs in the city so that they can help the transgender students with the scholarships. And as it has been said that charity begins at home, PU has set an example by providing numerous facilities to the transgender students so that they can also their higher studies degrees likewise all other students.

What else will be there for transgender student @ Panjab University Campus

Also after the admission of the first transgender student, Dhananjay Chauhan in Panjab University, Chandigarh. The discussion of the separate facilities has been on fire with the PU authorities. And PU also started construction of separate washroom for the transgender students. And now it has given nod to have a different accommodation for such students in PU Campus. And furthermore, Panjab University will also take care of much more required facilities so that transgender students can easily complete their degree & more students come up for admission in the coming years in PU (Chandigarh).

Source: TOI


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