Top 7 Pubs and Bars in Patiala to go Out for a Drink | Exclusive List

Bars and Pubs in Patiala for Beer, Whisky & Other Drinks

The Royal city of the state of Punjab as it is commonly known hosts major pubs and bars in Patiala to cater to the huge population. Since the Punjabi’s have been pretty famous for their affection towards alcohol, the fourth largest city of Punjab has a lot of places that are a testament to that.

Keeping in line with the ongoing trends in sister cities of Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Amritsar, the people of Patiala too have been warming up to the pub culture which has given birth to some of the finest pubs and bars that offer quality time with your friends and family.

Beer Bars & Pubs in Patiala

Some of the major Patiala based pubs and bars are:

Brew Estate, Patiala

One of the most popular chains all the way from Chandigarh and Ludhiana, the Brew Estate might just be the best bar in Patiala too. Catering to the beer lovers of the city, this place boasts of brews coming in straight from Germany and Belgium. The ambience is a blend of luxury and modern day art which will suck you in the moment you enter the establishment. Located in the Ranbir Marg Area of Patiala, the place manages to fetch quite a footfall especially on the weekends. The average cost for drinks and food for two individuals will cost anywhere between 1200 to 1700 Rupees.

Address: The Brew Estate, Bhupindra Road, Ranbir Marg, Patiala, India

Contact: 078510 00004

Recharge RestoBar

Recharge Restobar is probably the most loved place among the young generation of the city. If you want to catch up with your friends after a long hard week at work, then this place should be at the top of your list. The ambience fits in right in line with the theme of the place and serves its purpose. Located in Dashmesh Nagar, this Patiala bar is the perfect blend when it comes to drinks and food. There are a lot of deals available online which can enable you to get heavy discounts on the menu. You can get a virtual tour of the place here at their official website.

Address: Shop no 64-65, DAC complex, Phulkian Enclave, Dashmesh Nagar, Patiala, Punjab 147001

Contact: 095013 76500

Scotland Yard Pub and Bar

Another popular pub in Patiala, the Scotland Yard Pub and Bar is definitely the choice of the Maharajas. The pub which has an establishment in Zirakpur (10Kms from Chandigarh) as well, looks quite sorted to serve its purpose. The moment you enter you are enthralled by the ambience which seems to be lifted up directly from a Scottish pub in London. The food and drinks are pretty affordable compared to some of the other places on the list but if you really are on a shoestring budget then you will find a plethora of online deals which can avail you heavy discounts on the menu.

Address: Opp. Head Post Office, Near Leela Bhawan Chowk, Patiala, Punjab 147001

Contact: 0175 501 5015

Ignite Bar and Lounge

Another popular Patiala based pub and bar, Ignite has a lot of things going in its favour. The place offers a lovely ambience which is a blend of modern and contemporary. This might be the place best suited for you if you are looking to catch up with your friends after a long time because of the comfortable surroundings and not so loud music. The Ignite bar and lounge also offers live music on the weekends which is something only a few other places in Patiala can boast of. This bar in Patiala is not exactly expensive since a 30ml peg of Absolut Vodka costs around 175 Rupees.

Address: Lower Ground -3 Adjoining Kapsons Patiala, Bhupindra Rd, Patiala, Punjab 147001

Contact: 098030 80803

Elevate, Patiala

One of the lesser known bars of Patiala town, Elevate is located at Bhupindra Road. This is another entry in the list which can boast of affordability as its unique selling point. This is the best option for people not looking to spend a fortune on their drinks. A pint of beer costs somewhere between 100-130 Rupees which is significantly lower than most of the places on the list. In terms of ambience it resembles a restaurant more than a bar instead.

Address: SCO 5, 1st Floor, Bhupindra Road, Patiala, Punjab 147001

Contact: 0175 507 0081

PB 11 Bar and Lounge

Named after the vehicle registration code of the city, PB 11 Bar and Lounge in Patiala is the perfect place to have a conversation with your friends over beer. You won’t have to burn a whole in your pocket to have drinks here and the money you spend is a decent experience keeping in mind the cost the experience comes at. A glass of draught beer comes for as low as 100 Rupees and there are online deals available on multiple websites where you can avail further discounts.

Address: Sco.14, First Floor Bhupinra Road, Patiala, Punjab 147001

Contact: 088720 00073

The Beer Street

A rare microbrewery on the list, the Beer Street is one of the most exquisite bar experiences one can have in Patiala. The place is again located on the Bhupindra Road which seems to be the go to destination for most other bars and pubs as well. The ambience of the place is just about perfect and everything from the decals to counter setting screams ‘American Bar’. With an extensive bar menu from brandy to gin and tonics, the place has got a little bit for everyone. The prices might be an issue for a few out there but are in no means unjustified for the experience. The highlight of the beer street in Patiala is the freshly brewed beers on the menu and you have as much as three different varieties to chose from.

Address: Kaintal Building, Bhupindra Road, Patiala – 147001, Near Model Town Lights

Contact: 077105 55200

These are a few well-renowned pubs and bars in Patiala which have been the sole reason for keeping alive the night life of the city. It’s not exactly surprising to find some very exquisite lounges in the city since they are catering not to people but the Maharajas instead. Some of the names in the list are known for their ambience and some have pioneered in the food department. Overall these are the very best places in Patiala that offer quite an experience when you want to go out for drinks with your friends or family.


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