PUBG Review – All You Need to Know

Mobile games and it’s industry developed so vastly and improved the marks very high so far. The demand for smartphones to play games now also makes you feel how mobile gaming is changed completely. Well, things do not end here; the revolution of mobile games, the advanced features, graphics, audio quality is directly proportional to the advance smartphone. We are here to talk about mobile sports, let’s do that. 

In 2017 a game was launched, and it is proved itself as a gaming revolution so far. Player Unknown’s Battleground AKA PUBG was worldwide ruling the gaming environment. PUBG is an online, multiplayer game. It’s not only a game which has a multiplayer option, but this game also chained many people together online, create communities, also introduced itself as a eSports. Many companies are organizing PUBG tournament and announcing million dollars in prizes too. 

What is PUBG about?

Well, almost all the younger ones and older ones are addicted to the game, we guess everyone knows what PUBG is. But you have not played PUBG yet, in this game you have to land on an island from a plane using a parachute, with other 99 players. Upon landing, you have to find weapons, helmet, medikits, and necessary stuff. You also have to protect yourself from getting killed. 

The most interesting fact in this game is that you can play it Solo, Duet or in the group of four. Another high point is the battle zone is covered with a white circle, called Playzone. You have to be in that circle to remain healthy; if you mistakenly go out of the area, your health will be lower. By the time goes, the play zone also keeps stinking. Over time you get the smaller surface to play and encounter with others. The last to survive is the real winner and receives the Chicken dinner.

About the GamePlay.

When the game was launched, it has only one Map, only one battleground. But later on more maps added to the game. Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Vikendi is still in the beta version. This application is entirely free, and you can download it from the Google Play, though it has some in-app purchase. You can get rewarded by playing it daily; you can connect it through Facebook. Also, you can play it as a guest. 

If you are playing it as a duet or group, you can talk with your partner using the mic. That gives the realistic experience ultimately.  You can earn either by participating in tournaments or by doing Pubg betting.

Our Ratings.

For the Graphics – 9/10 

Game Play – 9/10

Features – 8/10

Overall, features, gameplay, concept, and the graphics of this game is mindblowing. You can have real experience on the battlefield while playing this game. 


The experience of this game is fantastic. You can have deal fun. The best fact is battle happens between 100 players, and the last one to survive is the winner. You are my dropped with your Avatar; then you have loot, collect and kill to win.


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